Where am I?

And what am I?

Can anyone tell me something about this – I’m thinking 1965 and I’m presuming USA/Canada/Mexico because it was in that box.

And please don’t be offended if its some famous thing you think I should know about like someone once did about another photo or else I’ll quizz you all on some random Australian landmarks and see how you go. We’ll start with the big prawn or something.




24 thoughts on “Where am I?

    • Fan-bloody-tastic – how specific is that. Love it when I can write Lake Mead national recreation area on the bottom of the slide. Lol bet there weren’t any jet skis, plasma tvs or seven person hot tubs back in 1964 though. eewww – 7 person hot tub, that’s just nasty.

  1. There’s a great big bypass highway built in the last 8 or so years to get the traffic off the dam. From the viewpoint in the picture, that would be in it now days too. Nice to see a clean picture. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been there, that’s definitely the Hoover Dam, looking downstream. You used to be able to go down into the “guts” of it, but they stopped that after 9/11. I was there about 10 years ago and they hadn’t built the bypass so all the traffic went over this two lane road on the top, which caused huge traffic jams. It’s still a big tourist attraction and quite impressive. It’s close to Las Vegas so it’s a quick side trip.

    The border between Nevada and Arizona runs down the middle of it and the river.

    It really is one of the amazing feats of engineering, flood control, power, etc.

    Do you have photos of the Art Deco statues and artwork they put in it? They’re quite lovely.

    • I haven’t seen any photos like that yet but I’ll be googling it to have a look at them.

      It looks like a massive set up – I can see my grandfather would have found it really interesting.

  3. Last time I was there it was crazy hot. Sickening hot. I can still feel the misery. That made the water look really, really good. Hot days will do that. And melt your face off.

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