bathroom progress

The floors and walls are back on and sealed and ready to tile.


I don’t know why the builders keep telling me they’ll be here at 7.30 every morning when they obviously have no intention of ever doing so. I don’t know why I keep getting up early to be ready for them, although of course the day I don’t they’ll be bashing on the garage door at 7am.

There is an evil sort of smell coming up through the hole where the toilet should be and I’ll be glad when that’s covered up, hopefully on Friday although we are one day behind because the cement floor needed two days to dry instead of one.


13 thoughts on “bathroom progress

  1. Ugh, I hated having construction done. Although how nice you’ll have a sparkly new bathroom. Next house we have I hope to have bathroom windows. Needed for mold.

    I like that green color!

    • I hate having to be up and dressed so early waiting for tradesmen to arrive. I’ve been lucky all these guys have been really nice and very considerate. Next house I buy will be brand new or totally renovated! I do like these houses that were built over a hundred years ago but they always need something doing to them.

    • In the contract they allow 21 days but he said no way it ever takes that long unless they pull up the floor and find white ants have destroyed it all or if they find asbestos – neither of which happened so about two weeks I’m guessing. Tiles done today, toilet, vanity etc in tomorrow then we just have to wait for the shower screen.

    • Luckily we have a second bathroom so we haven’t had to worry about that side of things but it’s definitely put me off doing anything else for a while.

    • He found a bit of rag and shoved it in there that afternoon – it seemed to mainly be a problem in the morning when everyone was using the other bathroom getting ready for work – there’s a toilet back there now but we can’t use it until this afternoon. Everyone around here seems so keen to use it first that I’m thinking of running a raffle to find the fair winner.

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