Daily Prompt: Decisions, Decisions

How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

I don’t reason my way through anything – pondering and procrastinating are definitely not for me.

That’s why I don’t buy furniture that’s going to take three months to get here because in three months time I don’t even want it anymore, in fact I won’t even remember what it looked like by then. Years ago we bought a lounge and while we waited the months for it to travel the seas people would say to me – what’s it look like? and I’d say, well it’s blue and Daz would go – no it’s not, it’s red.

One day I was just sitting at home and a friend rang and said – I’m going skydiving this morning, do you want to come? and I said – okay and off I went and jumped out of the plane.

I get it from my father – one day he went to town to buy a pair of shoes and came back with a red sports car.

I like being this way but I must admit that when I was a teenager my best friend was the same and we could get ourselves into a lot of trouble. We both really needed someone to hold us back a bit because one of us would suggest doing something a bit reckless and the other one would just say – shit yeah!

Which is why my mother made both my brother and myself her enduring guardians. We’re the ones who have to decide what to do if she becomes incapable of making her own decisions and she told me that my brother would stop me from racing in and flicking the switch off immediately but I’d push him along in his pondering ways when he was starting to drag things out.



14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Decisions, Decisions

    • Lol – you people can be frustrating sometimes.

      It felt fast! When your feet touch the ground you feel like you could do anything – massive buzz. I would like to do it again just so I can appreciate it more. It all happens so quickly, your mind is racing and you’re full of energy and then it’s over. I think if you could go back and do it again straight away you’d be calmer and more able to take it in.

      • Hey, at least with all us timid peoples in the world, you brave people don’t have to wait in long lines for such experiences! 🙂

        Wow! Very cool even if fast. I would like to feel the sensation of falling with an open parachute, but not the jumping part before it opens … It’s impressive that your mind works even if racing. I can imagine passing out with fear.

        • Lol – true. When I did it I had to sit and sort of sommersault then fall – I wasn’t standing and jumping – (it was a tiny plane) so for a minute I was sitting at the doorway with my legs dangling over the edge with this guy strapped to my back and you’re not allowed to hold onto the edges of the door in case your fingers get caught before you got out so it’s pretty amazing. I was sitting there thinking how high it was and the pilot said – this is the moment we sort the men from the boys. He said a lot of guys are big talking themselves all the way up there but once they’re sitting on that edge they shut up pretty quick lol.

  1. Yikes. I could never do it, skydiving, that is. My father-in-law, who trained to parachute out of a plane during World War II, used to joke, “Why jump out of a perfectly good plane?”

    I agree with the bit about ordering furniture and waiting three months for it, however. I once custom ordered a velvet couch for our living room, and the saleperson told me it would take 12 weeks to be delivered to our house. When it finally arrived, we discovered that 1) it wouldn’t fit through the door of our living room—the delivery guy actually told us to rip our window out so he could move the couch through it!—and 2) I hated it, once I got to look at it in the sunlight. It was supposed to be this moss green, but it looked more like broccoli to me. So we sent it back, even though it meant losing the $250 deposit. I’ll never order furniture again.

    • Lol – I ordered a new matress for our king size bed not long ago and I thought the delivery guy was going to have a stroke trying to get it through our front gate and in the door – he was so unpleasant about it all. We have a tiny house that is almost 120 years old and it’s hard to find furniture built these days that will fit in it.

    • Lol – it’s frustrating isn’t it. In the Chinese horoscopes I’m a dragon and my husband is a horse and that just about sums us up completely! And he’s not a bloody racing stallion either – more of a clydesdale.

  2. “Only two things fall from the sky – fools and bird shit.” – a saying common among non-airborne US forces.

    I never make snap decisions. On the rare occasion where it looks like I have, it’s actually something I’ve thought of beforehand and knew what I’d do in that instance.

    But … even I get frustrated at people like my wife who take FOREVER to decide anything. (Hint: NEVER go to a Subway Sandwich shop with her unless you have a free weekend …).

    • Lol, well Subway makes it hard for anyone! I’ve only been once and it was so annoying I never went back. I saw an ad for a sandwich so I went in and pointed to the picture and said I wanted one of those and then there were a hundred questions – what roll, what cheese, what sauce, did I want this and that – I was like, I just want what’s in the bloody picture!

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