The gang’s all here

Chicken Little likes to keep her family together.


We always find them together like this – Teddy, Cat, Dirty Rat and Crazy Cow. Sometimes I get into bed and find them up in my pillows which is not always nice.

She loves her little family. She’s not meant to have Teddy – he belongs to my daughter but Chicken kept sneaking into the bedroom and adding him to her pile so I think Jessie just gave in and let Chick keep him. There is also a monkey that came from Dubbo Zoo that she would like to have but I noticed he has been put way up high.



16 thoughts on “The gang’s all here

    • She is a good little Mum – she sets them up then cleans them all – she flurries them – I don’t know if thats a term or we just made it up but she gets her teeth and sort of fleas them.

  1. Your dog is a cute little genius! My pooch hasn’t got a clue where her family members are, nor does she look out for their emotional we being like Chicken Little does. Highly commendable!

    • She’s probably more laid back then. Chicken Little is too OCD (like the rest of the family). Sometimes she leaves one outside overnight but she always remembers when she gets up the next day and runs out to get it.

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