Let the bathroom renovations begin


Last December I found a builder who told me he’d renovate my bathroom in February. In February he told me he couldn’t do it anymore, apparently something bigger and better came up – well sort of. The job he was doing ran overtime and the next big one was due to start and he’d thought he could fit me in between the two but he couldn’t. I wasn’t too annoyed because he was doing it as a favour for a mutual friend. I spent March not worrying about it but then decided last week that I really needed to get things moving because it is a feral little place.

So I rang another builder last Thursday who came around and gave me a quote that day, we signed the contract on Friday and they turned up on Monday and got started.

This was the bathroom Monday morning.



Worst shower in the world!! It’s like a capsule – a tiny capsule with a damp clingy shower curtain


This was the bathroom yesterday.




Not only the worst shower but also the most dangerous. As you can see the last guy who renovated decided that the best place to run the electric cable for the office power points in the room next door would be between the floor and the shower capsule. Right next to the drainage outlet.


Wayne (the guy who owned this house) obviously had some issues with his builder.


Yesterday the plumber came and did his thing and today they are here putting the walls and floor back on.

All systems go.


24 thoughts on “Let the bathroom renovations begin

  1. My god, that shower stall is SMALL. It’s more fitting for a houseboat or a trailer home, what I guess you would call a caravan?

    I once spent a few days in an RV, and rather than use the claustrophobic shower stall in it, I hiked the half mile to the campground’s bathhouse. That was mildly scary—I saw a frog crawl out of the drain and a huge moth crawling over the light fixture—but at least I could turn around and scrub my backend in it. In the RV shower stall, you could barely stand with your feet straight inside of it. I had to twist like some ballerina at the barre.

      • In the States they’re called trailers, mobile homes, or RVs, depending on the size and whether they’re being towed or driven (like a bus or van).

        I read somewhere that if the shower curtain drifts inwards while you’re using the shower, it means it’s not properly weighted. A friend used to sew fishing “sinkers” onto the bottom of her curtain to keep that from happening. But I’m just claustrophobic: I hate being a space so small that it feels like I’m in a box or closet.

  2. That is quite a renovation! taking it down to the dirt! I like small showers. Have you ever seen a boat bathroom where the sink and toilet and entire bathroom is the shower stall? I think those are cool. Also I think it would be cool to have sailboat kitchen in a house.

    • The floor was damp in places and also the plumber couldn’t get under the house to do any of his work as it is too close to the ground there so it just seemed if we were going to do it, may as well do it properly.

      Toilet in a shower stall?? No, I haven’t seen that, lol.

  3. Ah, me too. Desparately looking for a 1940s style yellow toilet so I can replace the existing toilet without redoing the bathroom. If you see any on your travels, I would be eternally grateful.

    • I’m not restoring so I haven’t been looking at anything old at all. Must be some shops around that have all that old stuff – probably charge for it though. This house was built in 1985 but it’s a bit all over the place, rooms added here and there so it doesn’t really have an old feel to it. Besides the horse hair ceiling that everyone wets their pants over.

      • I don’t mind new, just want the colour match as white would look really weird. Coloured toilets seem to be surprisingly hard to find though. Do you mean 1885, not 1985? (1985 a bit late for horse hair ceilings).

          • Your toilet roll is a long way away from the toilet! I can see that ending up in the bath.

            I reckon you could paint it – have to use oil based paint though.

            My Nan had the pink bathroom – I thought it was very glamourous. She had a beautiful big bath and I always had one when I went there as we didn’t have baths at home due to being on the farm and never being allowed to waste a drop of water.

          • Yes, they are the best baths. Nice and deep and hold the heat in. We had one in a house we were renting when my eldest was a baby and my husband used to take her ‘swimming’ in it.

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