Eating out

I have a lot of rules regarding what I eat.

I don’t eat red meat at all, I eat a bit of chicken as long as I know it’s free range, I only eat eggs from a lady who has rescued cage chooks on her farm and I’ll eat salmon or prawns if I know they haven’t been swimming in shit or farmed in a tank full of antibiotics.

So usually I just stick to vegetarian options, especially when I eat out because who knows where they source their food from and even after years of doing so, I’m still surprised by the lack of vegetarian options on menus, I mean it’s not as if it’s some new crazy fad going on. A lot of places seem to think that the vegetarian option needs to be full of cheese and I don’t eat much cheese (no particular reason – just don’t like dairy) so I’ll often end up picking a salad with a serve of chips and that’s fine.

And yes I know if I went to Thai or Indian or other Asian places there are more vegetarian options but sometimes I just don’t feel like that and it shouldn’t have to be that way.

Last night we went out and I decided to go with the pasta with a mediterranean sauce and I’d have to say it’s probably the worst effort at satisfying a vegetarian tooth that I’ve ever seen.


Basically it was a packet of pasta with a bit of bottled sauce – it had one bit of broccoli, 3 bits of zucchini and a couple of sun-dried tomatoes (which is what I picked out of that dent on the right). Basically it was a waste of food and a waste of money.

Unlike my dinner the night before that I made myself that looked delicious, tasted delicious and was not hard at all to put together. Just a bit of pastry filled with some spinach and fetta with a egg nestled in the middle.

It’s not that hard people – even a tiny bit of effort would be appreciated, you don’t even have to make your own pastry.



23 thoughts on “Eating out

  1. That is just pathetic. Even I could have managed to distribute a lot of chopped veggies amongst the pasta. It’s not like zucchini and broccoli are rare expensive ingredients. Most places here are trying desperately to get rid of zucchini in autumn and would give you more than you can eat!

    Even when I’ve used bottled sauce, I always add extra garlic or spices to it, only takes a shake of the wrist.

  2. Very pathetic effort! Your pastries look great though. Was that fresh spinach you used? I have some fetta here I need to use so might try that. Wonder if bok choy would work instead of spinach?

    • No I used frozen – but I often use bok choy instead of spinach. I think it used about 400g of frozen but it made four huge boats, you could just adjust it to your own pastry size. I was thinking you could hollow out a bread roll and use that as well instead of pastry – like a little damper dip.

    • That’s the problem isn’t it. When you go to the effort of making nice food at home you expect something better when you go out and then I feel like I’m being really fussy because I’m very rarely happy. Mu husband is always happy because he just always orders steak because he never gets that at home.

  3. Maybe you could open your own cafe. You can’t be the only vegetarian/health-conscious person in the area. I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately but also trying to eliminate gluten from my diet, at least as a test, so eating out is going to get tricky, especially because you always have the places you frequent, and the dishes you are used to ordering and then you realize, ah crap, I shouldn’t eat this….we’ll see. At least I am just eating better in general. I’m pretty lucky though, there are a lot of options around here. I mean my actual town is pretty basic takeout stuff and a lot of Asian cuisine, but there are enough nearby towns with a wider variety of things for the health-conscious/restricted diets.
    Maybe you should get to know the people at some of the restaurants and offer them some recipes or something. 😉 Really though, most restaurants have websites, maybe if enough people contact them about their lack of veg. options they will make more of an effort.
    Also I just love the word “chook”

    • Lol – oh god, imagine how stressful that would be!

      You’d think we’d have lots of options here – plenty of places and every now and then you get something really good but most of the time places cater for the meat lover. Great big steaks seem to be pretty popular. I do like Asian but I find it to be really salty a lot of the time.

      I can’t believe you don’t have chooks – something else came up the other day that spellcheck didn’t like that surprised me but I can’t remember what it was now.

  4. Meh! It is hard to find genuine vegetarian food that is also tasty, sometimes. Asian restaurants tend to be a better gamble: at least you can find a good tofu dish, or something with shellfish if your idea of vegetarian is flexible.

    I like cooking at home for myself. Unfortunately, I have to cater to a couple of carnivores, so it often becomes a case of whether I have enough energy to fix a meal for Dad and a meal for myself. Eggs, scrambled or fried, are great for a fast meal, but I also want something more complex at times. Your dish looks perfect.

    • I find a lot of Asian (around here at least) to be very salty – maybe I’m just too fussy lol. My family have become used to the idea of having no meat but they always order it when we eat out or they cook it on the bbq if they get desperate.

  5. There are several restaurants here that think it’s trendy to serve everything in a giant bowl. Everything comes in a giant bowl, and looks and tastes the same.
    The customers seem to love it. I hate it.
    I call it a bowl of mush.

    • Yes there are places here that serve wine in glasses that look like a fishbowl and I always feel as if I’m getting ripped off as it looks as if I have about a tablespoon of wine in there.

      This was a giant bowl filled with a giant serve – it was pretty gross.

  6. Oh cripes, I can so relate. I was a vegetarian for 20 years which to everyone on earth meant I must love tofu and mushrooms on every plate (I find both revolting). Then I developed a wheat allergy and now everyone assumes I love beans and tacos. 😀

    Your plate looks wonderful. I learned recently that what the chickens are fed can seriously affect the egg’s taste and level of cholesterol. Our friend only feeds them organic kale cabbage etc and the flavor of their farm’s eggs is out of this world.

    • Lol – I despise mushrooms.

      It is amazing the taste difference in cage eggs to real eggs. We bought some once from a different farm and they were so rich and yellow I couldn’t eat them because they gave me an upset tummy.

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