Speaking of Pink Teddy

Here he is hanging out on a photo shoot with me when I was about 4 years old. Just in case you thought I’d found some random old Teddy and said he was mine.

As you can see he was PINK! You can also see that Mum has given me a massive comb over.

This is one of the black and white photos that Mum hand painted, she was amazingly good at the job. I’ve seen some done by others where lips were not positioned properly on mouths and nothing was blended. Mum put detail into every detail, every strand of hair, every little flower or pattern – she has an unlimited reservoir of patience. She used to sit out in the sunroom and do them and we’d have to sneak past the table so we didn’t bump her. She’d use the tip of the handle end of a small paintbrush wrapped in cotton wool to do them.

My face didn’t look that orange by the way – that’s something that happened during the scanning/editing process – the colours have actually lasted really well considering it was done about 45 years ago.


9 thoughts on “Speaking of Pink Teddy

  1. Your mom painted this by hand? She must be a master, or at least have a very steady hand with the brush. My daughters do this sort of thing with Photoshop, and it’s not half this good. Digital coloration tends to be garish, or not as subtle imo.

    • She was a master! Before she married she had a studio with papa and he would take portrait photos and she would paint them. Once she had kids she did it from home and made albums of us kids. We’d have to go into town every year or two and have the photo taken and then she’d colour it. I think they went up until about age 16 for me. She did such a great job. The back of her left hand was always covered in paint splodges because that’s where she mixed the colours.

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