Daily Prompt: Prized Possession

Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?

His name was Pink Teddy – and here he is.


Almost loved to death and not so pink anymore but happy enough to hang around the bedroom with his bestie Lulu.

We used to have a Doberman pincer and she wanted to love him as well which explains the two holes in him, there’s one on his bum as well. I only remember her getting him once so I must have kept a good eye on him after that.

I ‘ve had Pink Teddy since I was born and he went everywhere with me and if he was left behind somewhere I’d have a tantrum until we went back and picked him up.

He used to have a blue ribbon around his neck Mum tells me I used to lie in my cot on my back and twirl him around my big toe and scream when he fell over the side.

There must have been times she wished I’d never been given him but I really loved him.


22 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Prized Possession

    • I never trusted my kids with Pink Teddy. I thought it would be nice to let my daughter have him but one day she took him in the pram down the street and I turned around and saw him on the road – fallen or tossed I’ll never know but none of them got a second chance.

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  2. How cute! Except the tantrums. My stepson was unreasonably attached to a blankie, so when my son came along I was very careful. That was useless because boys will become attached to their toys…”No, you may not take your guitar to the grocery store, even if you only want to play it in the car!”

    • I think it was my niece who had an attachment to her blankie – she used to rub it on her lip – or maybe it was just a bit of velvet fabric.

  3. Aww. Those old luvvies are the best.

    I had and still have Lambie, a battered little toy lamb I got when I was a baby. When I was six, my brother threw him out of a car window onto the road, and I almost dove out the window after him. (Yes, the car was moving.) My father wanted me to forget about it, but I screamed so hysterically my mother ordered him to park the car. I ran out—luckily there was no traffic on the street that night—and grabbed Lambie off of the asphalt. When I got back to the car, I slapped my brother so hard he had a black and blue handprint on his face. I don’t know if the big jackass remembers it—he was two or younger, I think—but sometimes I think I see the lines of a small hand on his cheek.

    • Lol – I bet sometimes now you can imagine a big hand print on his cheek.

      My brother had a Lambie as well – I believe he tried to shear it one day with scissors.

  4. I had a little pink rabbit called Bun-Bun that was also overly loved by one of our dogs. She lost and eye and arm in that tragic meeting. She stayed in my room at my parents house for years and years. After my mom passed away, I couldn’t find her anywhere in the house. I’m afraid she may have been “cleared out”.

    • That’s a shame – maybe she’ll show up in a box one day. Although I often wonder why I keep Teddy – I just can’t imagine throwing him in the bin.

  5. The princess’s piggy was once left in a shoe shop and there was a major tantrum happening all around Carlingford Court as we retraced our steps not finding it. One of the boys waited until we’d got home before mentioning he’d mysteriously seen piggy in a shoe shop! I rang them and yes, they had piggy and the woman was so nice she stayed open late so we could drive back and get the bloody thing. That poor pig suffered a lot at the hands of a big brother.

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