A Newcastle Autumn

Did someone say Autumn?

Because I don’t think Newcastle got the memo.

5pm in the afternoon and the skies are clear, the water is glorious and it’s still warm enough to swim at the beach.


Or to hang out above the beach.


Or to swim some laps in the ocean baths.


And the Bogey Hole is looking glorious. Dug out of rock in 1820 by convicts for the personal use of the Commandant I’ve mentioned it before but this is the first time it’s been open since last year due to maintenance works.

These girls made me nervous – next stop America if you get washed over there. Although of course there’s always a row of coal ships waiting out there to come into port that you could jump aboard – you can see one way out there on the right.


Please let tourists never discover this place.


10 thoughts on “A Newcastle Autumn

  1. These are the best kind of warm days. The kids are back in school, so the beach isn’t overrun by tourists. Most people aren’t looking at going to the beach either—they’ve put away their swimsuits and are thinking about sweaters (‘jumpers’ where you are?) and boots and wool stuff.

    Lovely photos. I wish we had Bogey Holes by our beach. The surf here has been too rough for people to swim in.

    • We don’t get many tourists here yet. People still seem to think of the steelworks and coal when they think of this place. I have started seeing a few about though so not sure how I feel about that.

      We have two massive ocean baths which are open all year and beautiful. One is so big I feel like I’m out at sea anyway, it scares me a bit.

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