Oyster hour

I have a hangover and the house seems to be lacking in suitable snacks.

My body tells me that apparently I am too old to sit by the water and drink wine for seven hours.

Every afternoon for an hour and a half the Honeysuckle Hotel has oysters at half price. I don’t have a really good explanation for the other 5 and a half hours.


Those were bloody mary and something something with pine nut butter.

Now these ones – delicious – tempted to go back this afternoon for more but with a lemon soda.

Panko crusted and deep fried with wasabi and a soy dipping sauce. I only eat oysters if they’re deep fried.



14 thoughts on “Oyster hour

  1. Absolutely love oysters. I wrote a blog entry about oysters about a week ago…and couldn’t stop writing. Your photos are beautiful. Sounds wonderful…minus the hangover. 🙂

    • Trouble with hangovers is that they’re like childbirth – once it’s over you forget how bad it was and just go back and do it again.

      My husband is the oyster lover here. When we go out for dinner he usually get oysters and garlic bread. So much variety now – for ages all you could get were kilpatrick or mornay – the other day he had smoked salmon and camembert which sounded nice.

      Expensive here though.

  2. Hahaha…that’s very true about hangovers. I learn the hard way, over and over.

    Do you mean the smoked salmon and camembert on the oyster? Yum! I’ve never tried kilpatrick or mornay oysters! I just looked up what they were! Perhaps they’re not as common in Canada. I’m sure I’d find them if I looked harder. I usually just eat my oysters raw. But I like them baked or fried as well. Oysters rockefeller are pretty common here, usually baked with herbs, buttery sauce and bread crumbs.

    • Yeah – salmon and cheese sliced and on top and warm – he said they were good.

      See I’ve never heard of the Rockefellers. I only eat them deep fried – like the texture and taste better. I’m not a huge seafood fan.

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