Easter eggs


Sunny side up. Because it sure is hot and sunny here. I wish you people on the other side of the world would stop messing about with this snowing in spring rubbish because its holding up our autumn. Have been having to sleep with the air con on at night so hot and humid.


8 thoughts on “Easter eggs

  1. We have autumns like that in northern California. In September, the first month of fall for us, we can get temps in the 80s and 90s (F), and people in San Francisco come out in shorts and sandals for the first time in months. Our spring however has been extremely dry and oddly cool this year. There’s concern now about a drought and a heightened danger of wildfires.

    I suspect Australia, at least parts of it, and Cali have very similar climates, judging by the number of Australian plants thriving up here.

    • It’s never been this bad here – I’m actually looking forward to winter this year which has never happened before. I think I heard on the news through the week that it was the hottest day in Sydney for this time of year since the sixties.

  2. The weather this year has been strangely hot and record breaking for us, too. We are headed into summer and its depressing to think about…so much time spent indoors with the AC….

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