Piccadilly Circus 1964

I’ve mention before that I grew up on Bovril unlike every other Aussie kid who thrived on Vegemite. Papa would have been pretty pleased when he saw this giant Bovril sign in Piccadilly Circus when he was in London in 1964. I managed to find a photo of the corner looking as it does today but it’s just too boring and sad to show you. That little Eros Theatre on the right was gutted and turned into a Gap which just about breaks my heart.

bovril web image


12 thoughts on “Piccadilly Circus 1964

      • Of course, since cows cost more than yeast! But they also taste better. Vegemite is gross, but Bovril in hot water on a cold day sounds lovely. I also think it would make a nice sandwich.

        • Lol, well I don’t eat cow so I wouldn’t be eating Bovril if it was in it – they took it out of the Australian version a long time ago – back when mad cow first took off the sales went way down. It’s nice on toast with an egg on top although vegemite bought out a new product a few years ago called cheesymite that I don’t mind.

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