Daily Prompt: Judgment Day

If you were to judge your favorite book by its cover, would you still read it?

I’d just like to say that here in Australia the Publishers put much nicer covers on the same titles than they do in the USA – sorry guys. Almost 100% guaranteed we get something much more interesting or nicer. Once I recommended a book to Emjay and she sent me back an email saying she couldn’t possibly bring herself to buy it because the cover was so boring, lol, I think it was a Harlan Coben.

I can usually get past a bad cover but what really bugs me is when they suddenly put a picture of a recurring character you’ve been following for years on a cover and they’re nothing like the person you’ve imagined for all those years.

Jack Reacher was probably the first time it happened to me. I didn’t have a problem with Tom Cruise being Jack Reacher, it’s not how I had imagined him looking but I can still read the books without Tom popping into my head and I watched the movie without a problem.

My problem began about six years ago when they suddenly put a sort of silhouetted photo of their Jack on the cover and to me it looked just like Al Bundy – it’s been very disconcerting ever since, my Jack Reacher had much more hair for one thing.

The other one that really annoyed me was Odd Thomas, they’ve suddenly started putting his face on books and he is not at all how I imagined him to be.

Absolutely not one bit.


18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Judgment Day

  1. Australians are probably more visually literate, as my husband used to say, or the publishers in your country are more willing to pay a real artist to design the covers.

    Apparently they’re issuing new covers for the Harry Potter books here in the US. I was told a number of people didn’t care for the original illustrations. I got tired of Harry by the third book so I didn’t take notice, but the new covers look like they should be on a graphic novel, aka comic book.

    • I’d like the graphic novel look. I only read the first book then never got around to the rest of them. I’ve promised my daughter I will though as she is one of those mad Potter fans and wants me to experience the love.

  2. I absolutely agree about Odd Thomas. There are even little webisodes online with some kid that isn’t at all what I expected him to look like. Plus, he’s a terrible actor. now they’re making a movie with a guy that suits the role better but he still not what I thought he would look like. oh well.

    • Oh – it’s not the guy in the movie on the books I don’t think – I just googled him. I guess movie guy looks okay but my Odd doesn’t have curly hair.

      • yeah… the curly hair bothered me too. Hopefully the movie will live up to the book anyway… though they never do. 🙂

  3. I think one of the odd things about becoming ebook consumers is that you almost never look at the cover of a book anymore. Like the album cover, it’s literally becoming a lost art.

    • Wash your mouth out with soap!!! lol the cover is one of my favourite parts. All my favourite authors – I still buy the paper books, I only buy e books if I’m travelling or it’s one I’m not sure I’ll like – I do try to use the library a lot and it’s annoying because they’ve started covering their books with plastic and I have to squeeze my hand in there to be able to run it over the cover which I like doing.

      Funny thing about e books is that they’ve become so much more expensive over the past couple of years. When I first got my Kindle I thought it was marvellous and the books were so cheap but as they’ve become more popular I’ve noticed book prices creeping up until now I can usually buy the paper copy cheaper than the Kindle through somewhere like book depository or I put in a request at my library and they get it. So now buying e books for me has become more of a space saving/tree saving thing than a money saving thing. Although I doubt kindles are much kinder to the environment when you consider the production that goes into them and how many will eventually end up in landfill.

      • I’ve noticed the steady rise in ebook prices over time and that tends to make me think — eh, I just get the physical book. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE it when I travel or as something to have with me if I’m anticipating being stuck somewhere. Also, making it so hard to share has dampened my enthusiasm.

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