Lost and wandering

It’s a pity this book was so boring because she’s one of my favourite authors.


Which is why I felt compelled to stay with it to the end but all I can say now is thank god it’s over.

It was promising at the start but then we got lost wandering around in the war for too long. Lol – that’s something my mother said once that makes me laugh every time I think of it. We were putting together some of Dad’s memoirs to be read at his funeral and Mum read the draft and said – we don’t want to get lost wandering about in the war for too long.

I said – well it contributed a lot to the person he became – in a good way I think.

Didn’t do this book any favours though.



9 thoughts on “Lost and wandering

  1. Ah, thanks for this. I get all Kate Atkinson’s FB updates in my feed so had been hearing a lot about this book. I have read quite a lot of hers and reached the conclusion that her Jackson Brodie books are really the best of hers.

    • Lol, I gave up finishing boring books a few years ago but I still feel I have to if I’ve paid for the book. Library ones I’m willing to give up after a few pages.

    • Well – you might love it. I used to have a friend and we always disagreed about books. One of us would read a few chapters of a book and say – this book is crap and the other would read it and say – what are you talking about! I love this book.

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