Chili beer


Comes with a kick – little green chilli floating in there


14 thoughts on “Chili beer

    • I didn’t try it – although my husband bit the chilli and said it was hot. He said it was ok but he’s more of a cider drinker.
      I always like the idea of a beer more than the reality of it. They’re never cold enough for me.

      • Oh, we’ll have to meet up for a beer at the crappy Mexican place down the street. They keep their beers on ice and they’re always perfect. There were times when even if I had beer in the fridge I would walk up and buy theirs because they were so much colder!

        • Comes from being married to a refrigeration mechanic – our fridge is always icy cold so I know the only place I’m guaranteed to get a really cold drink is to go to places where he’s done the work.

      • Warm beer is disgusting. In the summer, beer needs to be ice-cold. You either put it on ice, or put it into the freezer for just a few minutes (and set a timer to remind yourself so it doesn’t explode!).

        “A Chili Pepper” isn’t much information. Jalapeno, Serrano, what?

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