Daily Prompt: bedtime stories

What was your favorite book as a child? Did it influence the person you are now?

My favourite book, which I have in my hands as we speak, was Teddy Edward at the Seaside.


It was first published in 1962 and I guess it fell into my hands in about 1970.

This is the basic story line.


I never read the medal winning story so it remains a mystery.

The book goes on to tell of their day at the beach and it has these cool full-page colour pictures that I still love (they remind me a lot of the black and white photos that Mum used to paint).

They show things like Teddy and Sarah climbing rocks


and collecting shells


and then Teddy and Jasmine meet a little mouse called Algernon and go off and have some adventures with him


and then after lots of other adventures they go home and Sarah  has a bath while they talk about the day


I guess I really liked the pictures back then, I liked how they were photos not drawings and even looking at them now it looks like the book was fun to make. I wonder if Sarah is their daughter – I bet she had a great day. Although having had three kids I bet she was a cranky little cow by the end of the day.

Did it influence the person I am today – lol – well that’s a big call, maybe in some weird subliminal way it has, I mean I do still have it sitting in my bedside drawer after 45 years and 12 house moves so it must mean something.

When we were living at our last house we lived in a flood zone and one night the river was rising and they put out a warning on the radio saying that the SES would be door knocking at about midnight if we had to evacuate and that we should pack a bag of our important things. So I packed a bag with this book, my Pink Teddy who I have had since birth and my favourite doll Lulu who came along when I was about 7. I was sitting on the lounge waiting and Daz walked past and said – I think they meant medication and insurance papers and things like that.


25 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: bedtime stories

  1. This looks like a cute book and one I’d like to get a closer look at. There weren’t any on Amazon and the eBay copies were very expensive. There were lots of different Teddy Edward adventures (all equally expensive). He went to Timbucktoo!

    • Oh wow – some of them are expensive, he got around. Mine has a big stain on the back cover so probably isn’t worth much. Teddy Edward becomes a Red Indian – lol, that doesn’t seem very politically correct now does it.

      • The TV show sounds interesting. Might be one of those BBC low-budget horrors, or it might be cute. I’m so glad the Beeb is giving Doctor Who something like a budget nowadays.

        • From what I can see it’s just a series of still shots with a narator. I haven’t watched Dr Who for years – used to watch it when Jon Pertwee played the part – lol, that was pretty low budget.

  2. Your book looks really adorable. My favorite book as a child was “Billy Whiskers’ Kids”, and being published in the early 1900’s, it is equally politically incorrect 😉

  3. A wonderful book for a child – using photographs instead of drawings: making the reader believe that these events really happened. A wonderful book for an adult, actually!

    If the river was rising in Los Angeles, yes, I’d pick up my meds, but I also know exactly what books, pictures, drawings I’d scoop up as well.

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