Daughters are funny things aren’t they – I’ve had two now for over twenty years and they still give me a laugh.

Yesterday Lizzie sent me a text message that said

I’ll be ringing you in an hour to tell you 2 shit stories

I sent one back saying

why are we waiting an hour – insert scared face here

But there was no reply – I just had to wait out the hour. I was painting  at the time so I had the whole hour to imagine what it might be. Nothing life threatening I presumed so something to do with her job maybe or a friend or her father or her siblings or her new car.

Turns out that some cockhead (her word although I had to agree) tried to smash-up her old car on the weekend – kicked off the side mirror and kicked in the door when it was parked on the street overnight. How fortuitous that at that very moment (3am) two of her friends were walking past and saw it happening and went over and gave the guy a stern talking to and gently persuaded him to give them his name and phone number. Anyway she was pretty pissed off because she was going to try to sell it the next day but now it has to go in for repairs. Cockhead.

Can’t tell you the second shit thing sorry because it was someone elses business.

WTF – those recommended tags WP give you are really messed up!!


12 thoughts on “Daughters

  1. In a moment of boredom I checked my Twitter feed and saw that someone was boasting he had “trashed a bunch of yuppie cars” in protest against global warming. I thought, ‘Really? You’d boast about it on Twitter, and you think it’s going to stop human-made climate change?’ Cockheads indeed.

    I’ve wondered why my kids text message me before calling. Why don’t they just call? If I’m busy, I can tell them so over the phone. My wireless plan gives me just 250 text messages per month, and these get burned through quickly when my kids text me things they could have told me over the phone for free, since they’re on my family plan.

    • Lol – well I hate talking on the phone and never do so unless I have to so maybe she just wanted to make sure I was prepared. Wouldn’t think that I might spend the hour worrying though

  2. That is crap.
    I looked our our window Sunday and saw the neighborhood boys pulling the seed pods off our Ceiba tree. I told them we wanted the seeds for that tree and they walked off, heads down.
    Just kids though.
    Vandalizing a car is different.

  3. One of my daughters does that two – sends me a warning and then lets me hang. Then there are times she sends me a text saying she will phone when she gets home and doesn’t.
    I can’t believe the friends got the guy to admit to his name and details. Some powers of persuasion!

    • Well one of the friends has a reputation as someone not to be messed with which no doubt helped.

      My kids say they’ll phone me but then forget as well. I always tell my daughter to ring me when she gets home from visiting us becuase it’s usually night time, country roads, often raining (of course!) then I wait and wait and I don’t want to ring her in case she’s driving and answers it and runs off the road or something so I give her plenty of time to get there and then usually end up waking her up because it’s so late. But there’s no way I’d sleep until I knew she was home safely. They’re such a bloody nuisance.

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