Weekly (iphone) photo challenge: my neighbourhood

Well I live in an old area, the house I live in was built in 1895 and that’s pretty average for the houses in this suburb. It has a reputation for being a rough sort of place and when you tell people you live here they’re always pretty surprised that you haven’t been beaten or bashed or had your car stolen or your house broken in to or that you actually chose to live here without being forced to. It’s the sort of place where they think you need a big lock on your back gate. And I have one.


But I have to say that I’ve lived here for a couple of years now and honestly, nothing’s ever happened. Sure there are a few hookers roaming around and a handful of people who look as if they need some help from the mental health unit and there were those drug dealers who crashed the stolen car outside our house and were chased by the police and police dogs and ended up being caught right under my bedroom window and of course there was the little girl who took the live hand grenade to school for show and tell but seriously, I have never felt in any danger.

I’d just like to add that when Chicken Little saw those two police dogs outside the window she lost her shit. Here they were wrestling this guy to the ground and here was Chicken Little in her black rebel t-shirt and her diamonte cat collar (because her neck is to skinny for a dog collar) just wanting to kill them.

Anyway the place gained it’s reputation a long time ago when the steelworks were here and it was a real working class suburb full of real hard working men and their families living under a coat of dust and pollution while ten minutes drive down the road were the beach suburbs where all the toffs lived who looked down their noses at the poor old dirty steel workers.

So even though the steelworks closed down years ago the perceptions remain although of course these days no one can afford to buy into the beach suburbs and all the young couples are buying here because it’s still pretty cheap but it’s only ten minutes drive from the beaches, the shopping centres, the hospitals and the university.

It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.

The coal train line runs two streets behind us – they run 24/7 – full of coal going into the harbour to be loaded onto the ships and the empties go back up the valley to be filled up again. I’m often awake through the night and I hear them groaning and screeching, it’s sort of like an orchestra warming up. We have to walk or drive over this bridge to get anywhere.


There’s plenty of graffiti about the place. Enough to make me wonder if I really do want a big new front fence because I’m sure it’d just be screaming out for someone to hit it with the spray paint. Although the fence we have now cops a bit but it doesn’t really bother me because it’s not as if I can see it when I’m inside. (This is not my front fence!)


Ahhh, 5 o clock, this is where I like to sit on my back verandah and watch the world go by for a while before I start cooking dinner. I always go out first thing in the morning as well while I’m waiting for the jug to boil and for Chicken to go to the toilet and sniff about the back yard to make sure everything is in order. It may not be an ocean view but it’ll do me for now.



17 thoughts on “Weekly (iphone) photo challenge: my neighbourhood

  1. LOL at Chicken Little and her gangsta attitude! You tell those badass police dogs where to go, Chicken!

    That said, we also live in a rough neighborhood, though our particular street is quiet and well-tended to compared to some of the others. We had a couple of abandoned houses for awhile, but families have moved into them. They aren’t exactly Beverly Hills, but they keep the lawns mowed and the sidewalks swept. We don’t have hookers. We do have drug dealers however, and I always know when the California football teams win because the dealers shoot their guns in the air in celebration.

    • We have some drug dealers across the road but they don’t bother us and they do all their business while I’m asleep anyway. The good thing about our place is that there’s nowhere to park near here so you don’t get people hanging about. We did have two brothers shot dead in their front yard a couple of years ago but I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want to sort of make light of it. It was a dispute with a neighbour so not as concerning as a random shooting.

      • Good grief! I thought Australia had a no-guns law that was supposed to prevent that sort of thing from happening. My brother owns a gun ostensibly for self-protection but is too chicken to go outside to investigate the odd noises we hear at night. That apparently is my job, and all I take with me is a flashlight.

        • They show up every now and then but mainly in bikie or drug matters – I guess it’s kind of shocking when a shooting happens here but nothing surprises me anymore.

  2. Sounds like a neighbourhood with potential too me. Probably takes a few more years, but I always loved watching the “odd area out” in a city to grow and develop.
    I’d take your verandah any time – if only for what I identify as several palm trees (or at least from the same family)

    • Yes, we definitely think we’re a beach suburb with all those palm trees. We have some in our yard – I didn’t plant them because I hate the things and I’m not sure what the ones over the road are. I’m hoping this neighbourhood keeps growing and I can sell this place for a fortune in a few more years, I’d like to buy another little one as well but they get snapped up so quickly.

  3. DC has a graffiti program (called MuralsDC) – young artists/organizations get financial aid to paint murals on big empty spaces – it tends to discourage gang graffiti. When I used to stay at Tarro those all night trains would sort of lull me to sleep – their house smelt of coal though – the rail line was just across the road!

    • They have something like that here but some of the locals kick up a stink about it every now and then. They built a new skate park near the beach and let them at it not long ago. I don’t think the people doing it in my area are very artistic, just very naughty.

  4. I’d liked very much the iPhone photos, and the explicit commentary of your neighborhood catch me deeply as well… Good life jane and keep writing post from your excellent perception.

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