Two things are troubling me today.

The first one was when I went to buy some frozen vegetables. I like frozen vegetables for a few reasons

I’m lazy so I don’t have to cut them up.
I presume they’ve been washed so they’re not covered in pesticides like I always think the fresh ones might be.
I presume that they could be fresher because you always see stories on the news about fresh vegetables sitting around in storage for months before they get to the shelves.
I like that they’re protected from those people who touch and squeeze and sneeze and cough all over everything.

So I was pretty troubled to discover that all the frozen vegetable either came from China or New Zealand and the ones from New Zealand were packaged from imported goods – they didn’t say where. Can we not grow a bloody pea in Australia?? I’m all about trying to reduce my carbon footprint but its a bit hard if I can’t even buy a bit of carrot that hasn’t flown half way around the world.

Second thing that is troubling me today is my wardrobe.

I woke up this morning and suddenly despised everything hanging in it. Weird how that happens – everything seems fine when you goto bed the night before then you just wake up and look in there and hate everything.


16 thoughts on “Troubles

  1. From what I understand frozen veggies are frozen very fresh and retain more nutrients. Of course here ours usually come from within the borders (not always though). It must really be difficult with that kind of thing not only are you so far from everything but you are either in a drought situation of flooding it seems. I used to always get frozen veggies till I started buying the local organic stuff, which I feel so lucky there is plenty of around here and it’s reasonably priced. I just bought a couple things of spinach and chopped it up and froze it.

    • Yes – it was like when we were paying theprice of gold for bananas because the cyclobe wiped out all the crops.

      It just seems ridiculous to be buying veggies from China, it’s like seafood – most of the fish in the shops here come from Vietnam or Thailand and once I even saw some from Tanzania!! That’s a hell of a trip. Plus there was something in the news a while back about some of the veggies that come from China and how they’re grown that was a bit dodgy.

      There is a farmers market on here sometimes but only once a week or fortnight so you’d have to stock up and also it means an extra trip out – I like being able to get everything in the one place.

      • oh god there is so much dodgy stuff coming out of China. I think it would be worth it to build your own greenhouse, or have a community one and learn how to garden (well, I’d have to learn I mean)! Of course that doesn’t solve the fish problem.

  2. After the big contaminated dog food and milk scare in China, another food scandal came out. The Japanese government discovered that Chinese manufacturers were labeling their food as “Made in Japan” when in fact the ingredients and the processing were all from China. So it’s hard to tell where anything is coming from nowadays. Our local grocery chain does label vegetables and produce so you can see where the stuff comes from, though it’s surprising to see that nearly everything—and this is California, mind you, “fruit basket of the USA”—came from places like Chile, Mexico, and Brazil. Even oranges, which are falling off of the trees here, are imported from outside of the country. The produce man told me imported oranges are cheaper than locally grown ones. I said, “Are you serious? You could go to my father’s backyard and pick a crate, and it would be free.” (But not very sweet, I admit. Dad doesn’t water his trees enough.) He didn’t say anything snarky like “Why don’t you go get your oranges from your father, then?” But it is troubling that imported food costs more than local.

    As for your closet—well, I sympathize. But I hate shopping, so there’s that.

  3. When I buy new clothes I hang them on my wardrobe door for a few days to decide if I really like them enough to keep. At lot of times as soon as I cut the tags off & throw them away I wonder what I liked about the clothes!

    • Lol – I still buy things that are a bit too tight because I’ll lose weight and fit into them in a few weeks. I think I’ll stop doing that when I’m 50.

  4. I do that clothing thing all the time.

    On the veggies: I always think about the Hunts tomato/ketchup plant that was down the street from my house (the air smelled like lasagna all summer!). The trucks would arrive full of green tomatoes and sit on the lot until they turned red, then were finally processed. They were still labeled “fresh”. So you really never know.

    • You’d think the ones on the bottom wouldn’t have needed much processing by then – must have been a bit squishy by the time they got to them.

  5. I know what you mean. Reading the labels is scary.
    Your second item, about your wardrobe, reminded me of I yard sale I had before I moved down here.
    All my good stuff looked cheap and used in the bright sun. Inside it was things I had had for years and loved, outside, it looked like stuff from somebody else’s yard sale

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