I have a new phone so I’m testing the WP app to see if its as crap as it was on the old phone.

The weather here has been diabolical and autumn started by letting us know she wasn’t joking this year. Rain has been flogging down for two days and the house keeps springing leaks.

I went from stinking hot one day with the aircon on to needing a jumper the next. Chicken little is not impressed and is lying next to me shivering. I can feel her little body shaking even though she has her hoodie on. Lol she’s a funny one.


So far so good WP


14 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Nice hoodie. Looks very Beyoncé.

    We’d love to trade your rain for our parched sunny weather. We had no rain in February, which is normally a wet month for us. The local farmers are panicking and the county water district is predicting drought again this summer.

    • Not bad, not bad. I got an iphone 5 and it seems to work well with the WP app – the 4 never worked and the Ipad doesn’t either. Not that I have a pressing need very often to post from my phone but I always think that if you have the option to be able to do something you should be able to do it!

        • Hmm, probably not. I only got a new one because the phone part of my phone had stopped working which didn’t really bother me as I don’t like talking to people on the phone but we don’t have a home phone and work paid for it so I said – oh ok then. The 5’s are so light!

    • I’m always jealous when you guys head into summer and we’re heading into winter although I have to say it hardly even gets cold where I am. I’m always gobsmacked when I see all the photos of all the snow some of you guys live with and I don’t know how people even leave the house. Mind you it’s been hard to leave the house here this past summer as it was just so hot and humid – awful – I’m looking forward to a bit of cooler weather.

      • I know, the snow can get really overwhelming. Some states get so crushed that they close roads for the season. But the heat can be just as dangerous and uncomfortable. Hope you get some relief soon.

    • Lol – I’m not sure which way Miss Little swings but we did catch her more than once showing a particular interest in Betty’s rear end.

    • She’s stylin’

      Not much difference with the phone – just a lot lighter, haven’t tested out the camera yet though – do you have a 5?

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