Day 30 (Finally): anything you want to post about

Lets talk about printers then.

Lets talk about how sometimes you just want to hurt them real bad.

Lets talk about how sometimes you just want to take them out into the back yard and beat the shit out of them with a sledgehammer.

I’m getting ready to go all Office Space on mine – but zombie style. Then I’m going to town to buy a new one.

PLEASE don’t watch this if you don’t love blood and gore and heads being chopped off and impaled by pitchforks and guts being eaten. Ahh, The Walking Dead, it used to be great back in the beginning.


16 thoughts on “Day 30 (Finally): anything you want to post about

    • Lol, Carl, can’t wait until he gets taken – hope it’s gruesome. Maybe the governor can put his head in a jar – along with the frail blonde sister, can never remember her name. It all went downhill when they killed Shane.

  1. I already replaced my POS printer, and borrowed some ink cartridges to see if that was really the problem. If it isn’t, I shall try to remember to film when I “fix” it with a hammer!

  2. Printer? As in for your computer? I had a HP that the ink cost more than the printer, and the new printer ran out of ink very fast. I never bought ink, I just bought a new printer. A Canon. I’ve been happy with that. Works well and the ink lasts a long long time.

    • Those were the good old days.

      I bought a laser printer this time so we’ll see how that goes. It was a Cannon that was breaking my heart and we just seemed to pump through the ink with all the inkjets we’ve had.

  3. Sorry to disappoint but I ended up taking my POS printer to an electronics recycling event. It seemed wiser than creating a mass of broken glass in the backyard.

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