Day 27: a picture of your handwriting


Best toasties in town and you can draw on the table. I wish I had one sitting in front of me right now as I have a touch of a hangover and they are so good. There is a little bakery in town and they make their own sourdough and you can go there for breakfast and lunch and the bread is delicious, just the right combination of crunchy and chewy and they load on the avocado and then a squeeze of lemon – yum. I like it with a bit of vegemite under the avo. Their coffee is hot as well which is always a bonus – cafes never make coffee hot enough I always have to ask for it extra hot – do you know one place even used to charge 20 cents extra for extra hot coffee WTF!


13 thoughts on “Day 27: a picture of your handwriting

  1. After seeing your post, I am so glad I bought an avocado today because now I’m going to have it for breakfast tomorrow!

  2. I can only think of my endless loops surrounding how i’m going to escape this job; why none of my neighbors EVER checks on me if I happen to scream; why none of my neighbors EVER moves my empty trashcans out of the road (or my driveway), as I do for them; and various quandaries about what the scale will say the next morning.

    • I have a lot of issues with my bin as well which I was going to mention and still might as it is highly vexing. Mine is more of a problem of people wanting to move them though, always to the wrong spot.

  3. Extra charge to have it hot? What kind of crazy talk is that?

    The coffee in America is so hot we have to put warnings on it. I’ve never seen anyone get coffee cool enough to drink right away, and the waitresses are always coming by and asking if they can if they can warm it up for you.

    • Maybe I have a teflon coated mouth or something but I can rarely find coffee hot enough. I can just drink it down straight away in a couple of mouthfuls, it’s awful, just milky slop I call it. Love it when I fond somewhere that serves it up hot.

      • Obviously you need to try American coffee. Or put on an accent down there and demand it.

        Aussies are supposed to be all tough, they should be embarrassed that they can’t handle their coffee boiling hot like even us lazy fat-ass Americans do.

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