A day at the museum

For anyone interested in Papas photos I’ve been posting them on Instagram because its easy to post them there from my phone and it’s not easy to post anything to WordPress from a phone. So if you want to see them you can click on the link over there on the right with the little bird weather sign photo.

Last week I was contacted by a textile museum in Italy who are currently running a vintage competition as part of an exhibition and they wanted me to submit one of Papas photos which I did and now I want you to all go and vote for it please. Winners will get to have their photo printed BIG and put on the wall which would really be pretty cool and I think Papa would get such a laugh out of the idea of it happening. He died before the age of the internet and digital cameras and whatnot so he’d be amazed at the idea that someone saw one of his photos from the other side of the world and can now print it out and display it without ever leaving their chair.

Here is the link – one vote only – would be much appreciated.



20 thoughts on “A day at the museum

    • Same – maybe we could have a re-enactment one day. They look so chipper and stress free, just having a good time. Actually there’s another one outside a cafe in London that has a similar vibe to it.

    • I have the iphone app on phone and ipad but it’s never been any good, other people here with iphones have had problems as well with it so I just don’t bother any more.

  1. The problem with Instagram is it chops everything down to a square so it messes up some of the framing, which I’m sure he was particular about sometimes.

    Thought of you when I heard an ad on the radio this afternoon that said “We believe the internet is for more than just pictures of your food… in sepia tone”. I was LOL so I don’t recall what the ad was for.

    • Haha – have to admit I did post a photo of a nice bit of cheese I had last night.

      You can post photos unsquared but they are sort of far away and hard to see so I just try and pick the best bits to keep in.

  2. Voted for You. I don’t know how you could pick one picture. So many of them are wonderful. I’m sure your Papa would be amazed that his pictures are being enjoyed by so many people.

    • Thanks! Well that was the one they liked as well of another of my sisters when they were small so I just went with this one – it seemed to cover everything vintage.

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