Day 26: what are some little things that make you feel warm and fuzzy

I’m not really the warm and fuzzy type but just the usual things I guess – puppies, kittens, ducklings, baby animals in general, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens and whatnot.

Being valentines day today I should point out that one thing that must have made me feel warm and fuzzy about 26 years ago was my husband looking like this. Here he is with my father who is looking slightly alarmed, as you would. I have to say that the 80’s have a lot to answer for when it comes to hairstyles.

Emjay found this while she was scanning and sent it to me so I sent it on to Daz and he sent me back a text saying – how awesome was my hair.  Lol, groovy shirt as well.



12 thoughts on “Day 26: what are some little things that make you feel warm and fuzzy

  1. At least Daz didn’t tease or blow dry it so it was all poofy on top. My husband went through a “big hair” stage, briefly. Happily, he destroyed all of the photographic evidence of that period, though my sister-in-law may still have a few incriminating snapshots.

    I had a sundress with fabric resembling Daz’s shirt. I really liked it.

    • I don’t know whats going on with the shirt – I can hardly ever remember seeing him in anything other than a speedway tshirt.

      I had massive hair – I used to hang my head upside down and dry it while I rubbed circles with my palm in it – you’d never get a brush through it mind you and it’s a wonder I could fit through doorways.

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