Day 24: seven things that cross your mind a lot

(Usually in the middle of the night) – Did I pay the Company tax!!

What happened to that homeless lady in the neighbourhood who used to walk all the time and cross roads inappropriately. I heard she was hit by a car which would not surprise me the way she just headed out onto the highway but hopefully she’s just not homeless anymore.

Is the very skinny slightly scary girl in the neighbourhood who walks all day hitchhiking a prostitute. I’m not sure but we live along a strip that is a notorious spot for hookers – I’ve even been propositioned myself one morning when I was out for my walk – dude, please – must have been my green Kmart trackie dacks that appealed to him.

What do people driving through the neighbourhood or stopping to do a bit of shopping at the local Woolworths make of John, who lives in the neighbourhood,  doesn’t talk but mumbles and directs pedestrians across the road when the walk signs come on. He also likes to collect cigarette butts from the bins and the ground.

Why does the lady with the bleached blonde/yellow hair who lives in the neighbourhood always have a two-inch strip of black regrowth. You never see it all blonde and you never see the regrowth any longer – does she actually do it that way or does it never grow. And why does her twin or her sister have exactly the same hombre thing happening. Or is that her sister at all – did she just have a really bad experience that aged her dreadfully. And where does she go on the bus every day anyway.

Why is Baldy who lives across the lane from us such a rude prick. I don’t want to be his best friend – or any friend at all actually but totally ignoring your neighbours when they walk or drive past is not cool.

What will we have for diner tonight. This has been a regular mind crossing thought for about twenty years now – it’s getting old.



16 thoughts on “Day 24: seven things that cross your mind a lot

    • We live in what used to be a pretty dodgy neighbourhood – still has a bad name and if you tell people you live there they always seem horrified that you haven’t been assualted or damaged in some way. But I like it, I get all defensive about it actually and there are definitely a lot of characters about.

  1. What an exciting neighborhood you live in! Here we sometimes gunfire when one of the local sports teams wins a big game, but the people themselves aren’t that interesting. I did see a tiny old Chinese man hitchhiking in front of our local supermarket last week. I was alarmed and thought of giving him a ride when I was done with my shopping, but when I got out, he was gone. I hoped someone nice gave him a ride.

    • Lol, not long ago I saw in the paper that a little girl from the hood had taken a live grenade to school for show and tell which must have been pretty exciting.

      I would never in a million years offer our skinny hitcher a lift, lol, she’s crazy. And possibly a hooker.

  2. There was a guy here that always “crossed the street inappropriately”. He disappeared too. I wonder if he got hit.
    I don’t care what’s for dinner, as long as we eat. My wife can’t understand that.

    • My husbands a bit like that – he’d be happy to eat baked beans or eggs on toast every night but I like to eat nice things and I don’t mind cooking – it’s just finding something that 5 or 6 people will eat. I don’t eat any red meat, one doesn’t eat fish, one legumes, a couple soup etc.

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