Day 23: a letter to someone. Anyone

Dear table of boys sitting behind me at the Brewery last night,

When I overheard you talking about girls last night and one of you said that

the only way to get a good girlfriend these days was to make stuff up and lie all the time

I hope that you were joking.

Yours sincerely,
disappointed mother of two daughters who will now be extremely suspicious of any future boyfriends

Dear Brewery,

You need to get your act together and clean that dump up. As you can tell by the ever increasing number of empty tables on a Staurday night, no one wants to go there anymore and I think something as simple as a bit of spray and wipe on the tables and clean toilets would bring back some of your lost clientele who no doubt are now flocking to the other end of the wharf where you can sit at a table and rest your forearms on it without being grossed out by the feel of greasy table. The cigarette butt squashed down one of the cracks in the table didn’t help either.

Yours faithfully,
someone who used to like to go to your establishment because it holds one of the best positions in town but doesn’t bother any more because it always smells like a primary school boys urinal.

Honestly this place is in such a great spot. You can sit right at the waters edge and have a drink or a meal and you can watch huge ships go by or little boats go by or people kyaking or the ferry coming and going but we won’t go anymore because it just feels grubby and there are plenty of other places to go in town. I think they take it for granted that they have a great spot so people will keep coming but I often walk past there and the numbers are dropping. They need someone to come in there and give it a total makeover.



16 thoughts on “Day 23: a letter to someone. Anyone

  1. You have to wonder if it’s that dirty where you can see it, what’s going on in the kitchen were you can’t see? My stepfather went into the restroom of a very well known chain restaurant one day. He said the cook used the urinal and left without washing his hands. He’s never ate there since. Ugh!

    • I always wonder how often that happens – chef not washing his hands. Once a friend of ours was watching the chef and his face was all sweaty and something fell off his forehead into whatever he was cooking – lol – YUK. I try not to think about that sort of thing too often or I’d never eat out anywhere.

      Another thing that was dirty at this place was the salt wasn’t in a shaker but in a little bowl with a spoon but I hate to think how many people just put their gerny fingers in there. I don’t eat salt fortunately.

    • Lol – they were practically yelling.

      No way would I take Mum there – did we go somewhere awful? I can’t remember. We haven’t been there for over a year but we thought we’d give it one last chance.

  2. Call Gordon Ramsey and get the “Kitchen Nightmares” crew on the job, lol.

    I know what you mean, though. We quit going to a local place because simple things like wiping the tables were going undone. Now the place is for sale.

    • I know – it’s such a shame. It’s just on the harbour in from the heads and since it’s still a working harbour you see all these massive coal ships going past and cruise ships every now and then and just lots of things happenning and you can see the lighthouse as well.

      Boys, boys, boys!!

  3. We have a similar restaurant here, with a lovely deck overlooking the river. It would be a perfect place to take guests out for dinner, but lately the food and service has been awful, and the busboys don’t clear the tables quickly enough or wipe off the tables after the last customer. I was so disgusted the last time we were there, I said “Never again!” Later however, everyone was murmuring about what a nice view that restaurant had….

    • We said never again about this place a couple of years ago but we thought we’d give it another chance. Just anoys me that they have the best spot in town and they just sort of abuse the privilege. There has been a big redevelopment of the wharf down the other end over the past few years and when you go out there it’s always busy so this place is losing a lot of business.

    • Lol, well I have a son and when he was small and going to school I had to walk past the boys toilets to get to his room to pick him up in the afternoons and they had a very particular smell.

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