Day 22: a picture of what you wore today

I will be wearing a few things today.

First of all I woke up in my pj’s. I wear pyjama pants (long) and a singlet – I like Peter Alexander pants but they are ridiculously overpriced so I get people to give them to me for birthdays and christmas so they can waste their money instead of me having to waste mine.

Then I put on my running gear because the instructions for today were to jog for the full 30 minutes – which I did, yay go me.

Then I have a shower and go look in my wardrobe and wonder how it’s possible to suddenly despise almost everything in there. Sigh.

Then I would usually put on what I wear almost all the time which is long pants, singlet, top and either thongs, joggers, sandals or boots. I do have some nice dresses but I’m more of a pants girl – I prefer to wear dresses in winter with tights so they’re more like a top anyway and I find pants cooler than dresses in summer, your sweaty legs don’t rub or stick to vinyl bus seats in pants.I never wear shorts, I think they are very unflattering on most people and when people reach a certain age they start wearing long shorts which just always scream Mumsy to me. Although on the other end of the scale I don’t believe your shorts should be shorter than your pockets – that’s a look that I’ve never understood. I don’t wear three-quarter pants much either because I’m pretty short and they make my legs look even shorter.

However because today is the day I have to go out and deal with business issues I will wear a frock. I will wear my sleeveless retro white frock that has a nice little cut out on the back and a cool summer print of palm trees and islands.

The later I’ll come full circle and put my pj’s back on – seeing as how it’s Friday I’ll do that a bit earlier. I try to have a 5pm pyjama rule because otherwise I sometimes find myself wondering if 3pm is too early to pu them back on. See the thing is that when I come back from doing my jobs I won’t stay in my dress which means that if I don’t put my pyjama pants back on then, then I’ll have to change into something else yet again which would make it five outfit changes for one day which seems excessive.



14 thoughts on “Day 22: a picture of what you wore today

  1. Love the dress! Agree about shorts, but not three quarter length pants. I have the opposite problem–I’m too tall for normal pants. It’s a curse. I have to order most, which is an ordeal. Capris are a treasure because I can just walk into a shop and buy them. It’s the simple things in life…

    • I can almost buy capris and wear them as full length pants. If I buy regular length pants I often have to have so much cut off the length that I could have a matching jacket made from the fabric. I try to buy pants that are tight around the ankle so they can just sort of scrunch up. Only two places that I know of provide short – regular – tall options.

  2. I had to look up the word “singlet.” Here in the States, only wrestlers wear singlets (one-piece stretchy coveralls), and I’m sure that’s not what you were talking about! 😀

    It’s winter here, so my uniform is jeans and a sweatshirt, since I’m home most of the day cooking and cleaning up after my father. When I go out however, I do change into a clean sweater (jumper in Australia?), nice shoes and earrings, to cover up the piercings on my ears. I don’t want to completely give up on myself, nor do I want people who know me to think I’ve finally lost it, walking around town in a grease- and coffee-stained hoodie.

    • Lol – no definitely not wearing one of them. What do you call them – a camisole or something. We only call something a cami if it’s satin or slinky or lacy, a bit nice but if its just a good old cotton tight stretchy thing then it’s a singlet . Jumpers yes – wow, guess it won’t be long before I’m pulling them out of storage either.

  3. I think, in the spirit of “What you wore today”, the intent was that you were supposed to be wearing it in the picture. I hardly think an unidentifiable photo of some fabric counts!

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