Day 18: a tv show I’m addicted to

I watch a lot of tv shows, I’m definitely not a TV snob – I’ll give anything a go.

Ones that I watch all the time and don’t like to miss an episode of are True Blood and Dexter. I’ve watched every season of these two and they’ve both had seasons that weren’t so great and others that I loved.

The only TV show that I’ve ever watched more than once is Buffy. I’ve probably watched the whole thing – every episode of every season – three times. I’ve just listened to a lot of it again as my daughter has having a Buffy marathon in her bedroom. Like Dexter and True Blood it had a couple of seasons that I didn’t really like i.e. the whole Initiative thing with Adam and Riley, didn’t get into that much.

Lol, I used to love a bit of Dr Drew a few years ago as well but we don’t have pay TV anymore, don’t even know if he’s still doing it. I watch QI with Stephen Fry every night although they’re repeats and at the moment and I’m watching a show called Prisoners of War which is an Israeli programme upon which the series Homeland is modelled. I think the guy who wrote and directed Prisoners of War is the producer of Homeland. Anyway it’s really good – although I find it to be very sad.

I think my favourite show would be Project Runway which probably seems strange when you take into account that I can’t sew. I just love the challenges and seeing what they come up with in such a short amount of time – they’re are a lot of talented people out there. I also like Masterchef for the same reason – seeing what the contestants come up with in such a limited time. There was another show I liked a couple of years ago called The Renovators – I don’t think it rated very well but I liked it. Like Project Runway and Masterchef the contestants were given a challenge and a time frame and had to renovate a room and eventually a house.

So I guess my favourite shows are ones like that, ones where talented everyday people are challenged with a task and come up with amazing ideas under pressure.


11 thoughts on “Day 18: a tv show I’m addicted to

  1. We don’t have cable tv, we have rabbit ears and get one channel, but we download entire seasons of TV shows, like Dexter. Dexter is really good. The last one we saw, Debbie shot her boss in the container. Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. Buffy! My daughter is flat out addicted. We don’t watch much TV anymore now we have Neflix. I’m catching up on all the old shows I missed the first time around.

    • We don’t have netflix either. I’d watch a lot more tv if we did though because often I miss something because something else was on at the same time.

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