Day 15: provide photos of five celebrity crushes

Oh, now you’re just being silly! Who has five celebrity crushes – that’s just weird, those people need a hobby. Next it’ll be – name your five favourite super models.

I don’t have any celebrity crushes, never have. There are celebrities – male and female – I like, or admire, or think are talented or gorgeous but I don’t swoon over them and I wouldn’t get into a fluster if saw them somewhere. Unlike my husband who had too much to drink at the airport one day while psyching up for a flight back in his fear of flying days. That day we saw Simon O’Donnell and he carried on as if Simon was the most exciting person in the entire world, it was embarrassing really. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t know Simon, you’d have to be a fan of Australian cricket in the 80’s to do so. I think when we saw him it was about 1997 so it wasn’t even when he was in his prime.

However, if you were scrolling through my phone and saw this photo you would probably question that statement of mine about non crushing. But I’ll have you know it’s only there so I can show my friend. She went to a concert not long ago and said he wasn’t looking so good anymore and she was now a Ritchie fan instead and then I saw this and thought – well, I mean, but he’s really not looking too bad is he. But I’ll be deleting it as soon as I show her.



16 thoughts on “Day 15: provide photos of five celebrity crushes

    • Lol – the only person I think I’ve ever come close to having a crush on is Beth Ditto. Was a time a few years ago you couldn’t walk into our house and not hear her on the stereo. Love her attitude.

  1. I have seen my share (or more) of celebrities in person, and the only one I got wobbly-kneed about was George Clooney. He really is that good-looking and has charisma for days. But I didn’t shriek or faint or point or say anything.

    • Lol, you kept your cool. I hardly see any celebrities and when I do I usually just think they’re someone I vaguely know from somewhere. We were out for dinner a while ago and there was an Australian singer there waiting for takeaway and I thought he was a student I’d seen in the library I’d been doing my work placement at the week before.

  2. Well that picture is like ……. 12-14 years old 😀 Believe me, I know – I had it framed on my wall right after it was published..

    (Though I’ve seen recent interviews with him after he had turned 50. And put it that way – for 50 he looks HOT!! in a aging- with-grace kind of way)

    • Lol – well I won’t tell her that, I need to bring her back into the fold.

      Stop saying that thing – for 50 he looks good – thats a terrible thing to say to someone!! If someone ever tells me one day that I look good for 50 I’ll punch them in the face – you either look good or you don’t.

  3. I grew up with his music, and while I have always liked the band, I never personally had a crush on him. In the past couple of years I have heard a lot about the charity work that he does (have you heard about his no charge restaurant?). I also have a friend who’s sister lives in New Jersey and lost her home in a big hurricane we had this year. In the middle of all of the devastation, John Bon Jovi showed up to help people clean up debris. No phanfare, no news crew, just a guy with a shovel. I have so much respect for him after hearing stories like this (plus the fact that he is still married to his high school sweetheart after being famous for so long!). I wish more celebrities would follow his example, instead of being selfish, narcissistic idiots!

    • Yeah – I always liked that about him as well, he just seems like a nice normal sort of guy. I saw him once on TV – years ago and he had a campaign going at a school over there to ensure that every kid started school with a backpack full of pencils, pens, books etc.

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