Day 11: What is your favourite quote

It’s Quoteville out there on the internet these days isn’t it, people seem to love an inspirational quote or ten to start the day.

I don’t think I have a favourite quote that’s like my mantra but I do think Winnie the Pooh has the best ones, he was a clever little guy. If I’m making someone a card or a tile I always look to Winnie for ideas.

One quote that I do like and try to live by is this one.

Learn a lesson from your dog – No matter what life brings you, kick some grass over that shit and move on.

You can learn a lot about enjoying the simple pleasures of life from your dog.

Which leads me to Day 12: Screenshot your desktop.

Bloody bunch of stickybeaks! I’m not doing that but I’ll show you the background on my phone.

Chicken Little who yesterday was not kicking grass but shovelling leaves and dirt like a little pig. She was so cute – I think she was burying an old pigs ear thats been hanging around for a while. She likes to relocate it in case one of us gets the urge to dig it up and have a go at it. So she digs the hole then she uses her nose to cover it and then she uses her forehead to tap down the soil – so cute. She has her christmas collar on.


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