Day 8: three things you want to say to different people – Day 9: pet peeves

Can wrap these two days up in one and I don’t have three things to say to different people, I have one thing to say to many people.

Everyone just shut the fuck up.

Which brings me to my pet peeve – people who just rave on with dribble and people who feel the need to fill every moment of silence with noise – usually a boring story where they did something super thrilling in their own imagination. Lol – or you know those people that when you say you did something – they did something much better.

I find it very tiring being out amongst people because everyone wants to talk at once and talk a lot and talk about the same things again and again and swear and big note themselves and yell on their phones and really it’s quite ok just to sit sometimes you know.

Just sit.


27 thoughts on “Day 8: three things you want to say to different people – Day 9: pet peeves

  1. I was in the Maldives and a German told me that the problem with Americans is that they always have to be doing something. They can’t just sit, relax and do nothing. I took it to heart.

  2. Oh- my- god!! Those people make my skin crawl. And I had too many of them around me for the longest time. Through which, I am afraid, I picked up some of that habit so I think that I and definitely others can learn to just let another person’ s experience ‘ be’.

    • Lol – at least you realised that you were picking up the habit. The people who make me laugh are the ones who have what I call False Memory Syndrome and talk about all these things they’ve done that I know they haven’t. But they must really believe they did them otherwise why would they say it in front of someone who knows they didnt – crazy.

  3. I work with kids with emotional and behavioral problems, so “Everyone just shut the fuck up” is a recurrent thought that runs through my mind all day long. I’m with you on the people who chatter on and on, but say little or nothing of importance. I must be an anomaly as an American, because I cringe from noise and constant activity. I suppose I ought to have chosen a career where i could have hidden away by myself cataloging books or something.

  4. I walked into a staff meeting today as a woman said, “I’m not going to say ANYTHING.” After which she proceeded to say EVERYTHING and wouldn’t let another soul say a thing. I’m afraid I started laughing at one point, which was terribly rude, but couldn’t be helped. Please, everyone, just shut the fuck up!

  5. Can I fight back on part of this one and, in doing so, probably prove your point?
    I know people think that I’m always trying to “one up” in convo but, in fact, I’m just sharing a story that their story made me thing of. NEVER trying to one-up. But I DO like to keep convo going. Sometimes, even when I’m solo.

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