Day 5: five places you want to visit

Five places out of the whole big wide world.

Honestly, I’d be happy to just see more of Australia. Going to Perth is just about going to another country for me with it being a five-hour flight. There are so many beautiful, amazing places to see here that you could take a whole lifetime and still never see them all.

Trouble with travelling within Australia of course is that it’s prohibitively expensive which is why everyone from here goes to Bali or Thailand. Why have a weekend at The Whitsundays when you can have ten days in Asia for the same price – and what’s not to love about Asia – gorgeous beaches, delicious food, friendly locals and cheap shopping if you want it. Dodgy toilets in lots of places mind you but just work on your thigh muscles and you’ll be squating like a pro in no time.

I am a terrible traveller – after about ten hours on a plane I can understand why people go crazy and start trying to open doors and wrestle cabin crew. Last year we went on an excursion to the State Library on the train and I was like a cranky five-year old – are we nearly there yet, are we there yet, are there any snacks, is there a toilet, are we there yet??????????????????? See I thought we’d be on something like The Orient Express and I’d be able to wile away my three hours in a drinks carriage.

So five places hmmmm

1. Australia – lots of it. I can get a camper van and take Chicken Little with me – maybe my husband.

2. Vietnam – wanted to go there for a while now. I’d really like to go on a tour with Luke Nguyen and actually the tour people we went to Hong Kong with are talking to him at the moment about meeting up with the tour they’re doing later in the year to Vietnam – interesting. As long as he doesn’t want me to eat deep-fried bat or festy old raw eggs straight from the shell.

3. Hawaii – 50th birthday maybe??

4. Guernsey – because that’s where my dad was born and I’d like to see it. Not even thinking about that plane flight – 26 hours here or there. That is a helluva time on a plane or two.

5.Like to see Tahiti but of course that costs an arm and a leg. Mind you if Mum manages to get me on that boat trip from hell it goes via Tahaiti so I can knock two off the list at the one time.

Lots of places I’d like to visit but it won’t really bother me if I don’t see any of them. See I’m a home girl, I love being at home – I love being with my dog, I love being in my bed or my backyard, I love meeting my friends at the Pub things like that keep me happy. Thats why I like my holidays to be no longer than a week – after that time I’m over it and want to be at home.

Oh – I want to change 5 to China please. I was only there for a day but wow – what an interesting looking place – so much history there.


5 thoughts on “Day 5: five places you want to visit

  1. I think Tahiti and Hawaii are very similar. I went to Tulum Mexico for my 50th.
    I have more places I want to go back to than new places I want to go.
    I’d like to go to Gurnsey and Jersey too. Just to see.
    I’ve been to Bunbury, south of Perth. I’d love to spend a decade or so in Australia. If only life was longer!

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