Day 4: the meaning of your tumblr name

I used to Tumblr years ago but I forgot my password, got locked out of my account and could never get back in.

I have recently started Instagraming though, not sure if I like it much – seems to be page after page of cats, peoples lunches and vapid girls pouting at me. People also need to back off the HDR effect a bit as well – yawn.

Anyway you can find me, follow me, like me or whatever you do if you want. My name is janemadge – thats because my name is Jane Madeliene but that’s too long and I’m not even sure how to spell it anymore.

When I went to get my passport years ago the guy looked at my application and said ‘allo ‘allo, wot have we got here then. Turns out that somewhere along the line someone at Births Deaths and Marriages had spelt my name incorrectly on one of my Very Important Documents (my marriage certificate I think) so it was different than my birth certificate and obviously they couldn’t allow me to leave the country with an unaccounted e missing out there somewhere so I had to go to Births, Deaths and Marriages and get a stat dec and find a JP to sign it saying that yes indeed it was me (even though they’d only just met me) and now I’m never really sure if I have an e in Madeliene or not.

Can I just mention that it was 46 degrees celsius here yesterday which is 114F. Bloody hot.


16 thoughts on “Day 4: the meaning of your tumblr name

  1. For years, I had a “certificate of live birth” which is not quite the same as a “birth certificate” and caused no end of stupid problems. I finally got a Birth Certificate issued a few years back (so I could get a passport, which has since expired).

    Sorry about the weather. We were just discussing it at the office a wee bit ago – because some coworker assumed it was sub-zero in Australia due to the proximity to Antarctica. And this was one of the “smart” coworkers.

    • We weren’t married when we had our first daughter but when we did marry they sent us a letter saying that – The Child had been legitamised – and we didn’t have a birth certificate for her so we just used to use that – lol, such an old fashioned thing to say.

      Lolling at Antarctica – at least they didn’t think we were Austria I guess.

  2. Oh, shoot! My Instagram is full of Kittens! It’s not my fault. Really. It’s what Instagram is for. Well, ok. I have a problem. The first step is admitting it. So don’t follow me (ktmeaux) because you’d be disgusted. However, I like your vintage pics, so I’ll totally follow you!

    And, yes, that is very hot! Very, very, very hot! I can’t imagine. Do your shoes melt on the concrete? Or do they give up and just refuse to go outside?

    • Ha – well I don’t have anything against cats, there just seems to be a lot of them out there. Mind you they’re much more interesting thanall those narcissistic people on there.

      It’s a rude shock to go out and be in that sort of heat. It was suffocating yesterday and I’m sure the concrete was melty hot, sometimes the tar on the road gets sticky and your shoes stick to it – not that you should be walking on the road of course.

  3. Social Security misspelled my name on my SS card when I first got one as a teenager so many years ago. I thought nothing of it—it was never an issue, until I tried to file my federal taxes online. Then the IRS said it couldn’t find anyone with my name attached to that number, which was stuff and nonsense: my last name was misspelled by one letter, but otherwise anybody with sense could see it was supposed to be MY name on the card. Anyway, I had to go the Social Security office in town and file for a “change of name.” Not that my name was any different, but because some nitwit clerk many years ago couldn’t type, I had to stand in line for half an hour just to get a new card.

  4. My dad’s middle name is Billy. SS and the Army kept issuing him cards with a middle name of William, telling him that Billy was not a proper name. He had no birth certificate since he was born at home – just a form from a doctor. He finally had to get a letter from his dad AND mother stating that BILLY was indeed his middle name.

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