Day 3: your day, in great detail

6am – rise and shine. WTF why is there a council truck right outside my bedroom window at this hour delivering a telegraph pole or something – go away.

7.30am – ah that’s better – rise and shine – coffee, shower, wait around for the tree trimmer man.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. They like to play mind games with you these tradesmen – if one of them ever turns up on time I will possibly drop from shock. He arrives, we discuss the plan, get a quote, make a date.

Made the aquaintance of a nice little gentle  well behaved mini foxie – nothing like Chicken Little at all.

Gave Chicken Little an unplanned bath after she found and rolled in something rotten. I thought it was a cockroach but I’ve never smelt a cockroach like that before and believe me she rubs her little body along a lot of them. Never had to bath her after a session though – she was rank. It must have rolled in something before she rolled on it. She likes to catch them then start with the side of her nose and sort of rub it all along the length of her body.

Washed my doona cover because Chicken Little ran into my bedroom immediately following the bath and rubbed her little damp doggy body all over my bed.

Decided I may as well continue washing.

Go into the office and do accounts work – yawn.

Went to the bank where I encountered an extremely helpful young man working the counter who wanted to change all my accounts to the highest interest earning possible. Watched his brain turn iside out when he logged on and saw how many accounts I have under my name – personal, business, tax, kids, shopping, credit card, old loan accounts.

Stood in line at the supermarket and juggled my items while a lady in front tried to remember her pin number a few times then decided to use a different card.

Came home and had lunch.

Lay down and felt depressed for a while about the fact that Freddie Mercury was dead.

Felt better when I realised we were celebrating May Gibbs birthday and dug out an old photo of myself dressed as Cuddlepot. My friend and I were book nerds and we always went to dress up parties as book characters. We went as Cuddlepot and Snugglepie and her mother made us some brilliant costumes out of crepe paper. Once we went to a party as Snow White and Rose Red but I’m pretty sure no one else even knew who they were.

Thought about running but it was too hot by now – about 40 degrees – missed my morning opportunity because I was waiting for tree man.

Undercoated, undercoated, undercoated, all the way until it was time to cook dinner. I was going to wait and finish all the painting after the builder had done the bathroom and some kitchen work but I thought stuff it, I’ll do the hallway.

Cooked dinner – ate dinner.

Read – slept.

cuddle pie



8 thoughts on “Day 3: your day, in great detail

  1. I would love to read Chicken Little’s account of the day’s events; “7:30, Mom tried to drown me! Then she rebuffed my playful advances.Mom doesn’t want me to have any fun.”

    • Lol, that’s funny now I’m the fun police. She’d have something to say about how I had to chase her around to get her collar back on again. She’s a fast little bugger.

    • No I didn’t either. There was a special on here the night before – their whole history and it’s just really sad that he died – such a talent. Terrible illness back then.

  2. Our city garbage collection trucks come by at 7 a.m. and run those noisy trash compactors all the way down the street. They also drop the cans to ground, making a sound akin to thunder. I swear they do it on purpose.

    • Oh you’re spoilt – you get a sleep in. My bedroom is a funny sort of addition to the house and the window sits about the width of a car from the road, those trucks are really close up and personal at 6am.

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