Day 2: 10 likes and dislikes

Thats a tough one because ten isn’t many and it’s not even favourite things and I like and dislike thousands of things.

So in no particular order and the first things that pop into my head.


1. Chicken Little
2. Potato
3. Long lunches with friends – with lots of wine and a harbour view is always good but not essential. Wine is essential, water view isn’t.
4. Reading
5. Sport
6. Learning something new
7. Cooking – but not baking
8. Afternoon naps with Chicken Little – afternoon naps without Chicken Little would be fine as well but she’s always here so if I’m on the bed she is as well
9. Photography – taking and looking at others. Not that I’d ever call myself a photographer mind you, good lordy the availability of dslr’s these days has made everyone think they’re a bloody photographer. I’m more of a snap the moment type of photo taker and I use my mobile phone to do it. A few of my friends have fancy cameras and we’ll be out somewhere and see something and I say – quick take a photo and they say – oh I don’t have my camera. Because it’s pain in the arse to lug it around. Or they won’t take it places because it’s too special – like to the beach or whatever.
10. 5pm sitting in my little backyard in my outdoor lounger (with Chicken Little) and a glass of wine thinking how nice it is to be doing so.

10 Dislikes

1. Poo tubes left in your prawns
2. Pulling the manky hair out of the drain hole in the shower. I make Daz do it most of the time – I tell him it’s just him proving that he loves me.
3. Airplane toilets after about 6 hours in the air.
4. Snobs – of any kind – book snobs, movie snobs, holiday snobs, wine snobs, whats with those people anyway!
5. People who think my business is their business. I saw a quote the other day that said – the good thing about living in a small town is that even when I don’t know what I’m doing, someone else will. Or something like that but it’s true – I used to hear all sorts of things that I’d been up to. Even now I’m gone they’re still at it – apparently I moved because I was having an affair and I’m now living with my lover. Lol – I guess it’s better than being a disinherited former heroin addict which would have to have been one of the best ones.
6. Hot clammy sweaty days – whats with this weather! It’s ok if you can work your way into it over the day but waking up at 6am straight into it is just not on. I used to love summer but not any more – it’s so humid now.
7. Dog owners who let their dogs run around not on a lead – I think everyone knows how I feel about that one.
8. Most doctors – after dealing with Dads well being for that 18 months I really have to think hard to come up with the name of one Doctor who treated him with any respect or us as if we had half a brain. The whole system sucks.
9. My bathroom – where the hell is my builder anyway?? More specifically shower curtains that wrap around your legs – and why do they get so mouldy so quickly? I could have installed a new shower with the amount of money I’ve spent on shower curtains.
10. The wanker who drives up the laneway some afternoons like a maniac in order to avoid the traffic light at the end of the street. Patience is a virtue dickhead – he almost ran over a lady walking with a pram the other day. I’ll just make it wankers who drive like maniacs in general – plenty of them as well.


8 thoughts on “Day 2: 10 likes and dislikes

  1. Poo tubes left in prawns!! If we had a band, that would be the name of our first album! hahaha I worked in a seafood joint for a couple summers as a teen and I peeled trays of shrimp every day. The poo tubes are nasty! Also I always expected cats to follow me home at night due to the smell attached to me.
    The camera thing–everyone thinks they are a bloody photographer is right. ugh. I had an SLR when they were pretty new, actually I got it not long before I went to Australia in 1988 (which reminds me I never did scan any photos for you). It was such a priority, like it was so big I had to always think about it, like it was a baby or something. Nowadays your iphone will take better pictures than my old film SLR and I am ecstatic to have a little camera that takes such good pics and video and it fits in my purse!! or my coat pocket! amazing! I don’t know why people bother with the DSLRs unless they are really going to do something with their photos, I just can’t be bothered to lug one around again ever if I can help it.

    • Lol, a band with that name would have some pretty weird followers I imagine. Chicken Little is fond of a poo tube or two. I always toss them to her when I’m peeling prawns but Daz says it’s sick – he won’t let her eat cockroaches either, he’s the fun police for dogs.

    • Lol, everywhere from here is a 10 hour flight! I went to Hong Kong with an older woman who had a cast iron bladder, she refused to go on the plane and then said she’d be right until we got through customs and baggage and a bus trip to the motel.

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