30 Day Challenge

I’ve seen a few people doing this 30 day challenge and I thought I might do it as well because I feel like I need a bit of structure and instruction at the moment. Bear in mind that it could actually take me fifty or sixty days. So…..

Day 1 – write some basic things about yourself

Well I still think my daughter summed it up nicely when she was younger and had to write a story at school about – My Mum.

She wrote  – My Mum is short with bleached blonde hair and good fashion sense. She likes to drink scotch and watch Buffy.

God love her – the teacher must have been wondering what sort of sort was going to turn up for the parent-teacher night.

So as you can see by this photo I am in fact short (practically a midget by the look of it) with bleached blonde hair.  Not only am I short, I also seem to be shrinking – one day I’ll probably just disappear.  You can’t really judge my fashion sense from this photo as I’m wearing workout clothes and a plastic poncho and believe me, no one looks good in a plastic poncho. However I never leave home without one and they are handy little things to keep in your handbag. When we were waiting in the cable car line in Hong Kong it was raining and I whipped out my poncho and put it on and believe you me, I could tell by all the looks I was getting how jealous all the other tourists were. I was the one laughing a few hours later though when they were all cold and damp.


I gave up the scotch years ago – those dark spirits are no good for you – and took up wine instead.

Still say you can’t go wrong with a Buffy marathon.

lol – why is one of my recommended tags Kim Kardashian



18 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge

  1. I think your plastic poncho rocks. It looks sort of adventuresome, like you’re ready to embark on some voyage up a tropical river.

    Scotch—I miss it, but I like wine a lot better. It’s certainly a lot cheaper than scotch out here, since I live in wine country, and the state taxes it a lot lighter than it does scotch.

    • Lol, well rockin’ it might be going a bit far. I was going on the Manly ferry which seemed adventurous enough for me. It’s a wonder I don’t grow in those ponchos, sometimes they end up like a greenhouse.

    • Once your kids go to school you have no secrets from teachers. My son used to make up all sorts of stuff – they had to write a diary entry every morning and he said he never had anything to write so he made things up. I’d read them and go – you never did that!

  2. It took me something like 3.5 months to do the “30 Days of Books” meme I did a couple of years ago, so you’re probably fine… 🙂

    Fashionable, wine, Buffy — there are a LOT worse descriptors! 🙂

    • Love Buffy – except the whole Riley and the Initiative season – that sucked. My daughter tells me Angel is just as good but I haven’t watched it.

  3. I love this idea. I think it is exactly what I need to get my fingers a clickity-clacking again! I have been hesitant to write recently, because my life is pretty much “work-baby-work-sleep-baby”. I didn’t want to be a broken record, you know? Seeing your blog made me excited about writing again, and I haven’t felt that way for a very long time. It reminds me of the good old days back in Vox-land. Thanks for posting this!

    I thought your daughter’s story was awesome, btw…and I’m sure it isn’t the craziest thing her teacher heard that day! If the parents only knew what their kiddo’s tell us (and the rest of the class) on a daily basis! 🙂

    • That’s exactly why I did this – I was having a blank about things to say and this makes you have to come up with something. There are a few different ones around, this was the firstone I saw but of course since I started I’ve seen others.

      Bloody kids – once they start school you have no secrets..

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