Hawaii 1957

Would this be Waikiki Beach? What’s the pinky place, is that the Royal something or other? Are we still happy with Hawaii being 1957 not 1964? And WTF is WordPress up to?? I went away for three days and came back and they’ve changed – again. My reader page seems to be set up for the visually impaired.

Vintage Waikiki Beach

21 thoughts on “Hawaii 1957

    • WordPress sucks in many ways – a group of us migrated here when Vox shut down as it seemed like the best option. This new setup looks like a mobile version. Hopefully it’s better than their mobile version because that sucks as well, I’ve never been able to post from my phone or iPad. Retro on the other hand never lets you down.

  1. i hate the ‘new’ look just like i hated the changes to posting photos.. oh where oh where will i go!
    ps think that is waikiki but looks a whole lot different to when i was there in 2010!

  2. The new look on the reader page bugs me too! Waikiki Beach sounds really nice right now in the middle of this lovely January New England winter.

  3. I lived in Hawaii from 1980 to 1985. It doesn’t look like Waikiki beach to me, because usually you can see the mountains (part of Diamond Head) in the background. But it might be Ala Moana beach.
    Also that pink building looks like the Army Hospital from when I was there, but it wasn’t on the beach…

    • I suppose it costs a fortune to stay there. I saw another photo and it was the building to the left of it in Papas that made me think it was the Royal – andI saw another photo of it as well where it looked to have the little bell tower thing on it. I’ll find more photos.

  4. No clue when it comes to this side of the world but I love those buildings!!

    Pffft, Only the titles are for the visually impaired. I have Windows 8 now and the fonts are smaller on it in general, compared to everything before. But it seems to me that with the new WP the fonts in the themes got even smaller. And I call myself lucky that I can read them without making major changes. (I won’t even go into it with the settings of Windows 8… because it would only p”£$% me off)

    • Lol – my whole reader page is BIIIIG and plain – not sure about any others like the home page as I’m yet to be able to get to them!. I find some of the fonts on peoples actual pages to be very hard to read though – tiny and on coloured backgrounds.

    • They keep updating it but it still never works. It’s as if this is a mobile version on the desktop and my phone has some weird full version that won’t let you do anything.

  5. From VOX to WP, which was user friendly until the nerds decided to keep updating in an alien language. Why not just give us simple, but useful things – let us post with the fonts we want, add music or video for free without having to post from Youtube. They keep changing the way photos look why? Not sure I want to move away, only find someplace else which will keep changing things on a whim. Pretty cold here in Southern CA. But won’t ever go back to CT.

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