Running to the corner

I don’t know why the women’s health magazines always show ladies jogging or running looking fresh-faced and sweat free, lipstick fresh, pony tail swinging, smiling and often chatting to a pal – because I never quite look like that.

Obviously they’re not running on a treadmill in a small tin garden shed in the middle of a heat wave. Because that shit is not for pussies.

I gave up running for a while because the doctor said I should due to back and hip issues but then I decided that I’m sick of listening to doctors and my back didn’t feel any better after almost two years of not running but I feel a lot better in general if I do run, so I’m running.

I must say I’m not very good at it yet. I used to be a really good runner, I’ve enjoyed it since I was a kid but I gave it up for almost two years and wow do I suck at it now – you really get out of shape quickly. But one of the things I like about running is that you can set yourself a goal then work at it – 5km in 30 minutes or 10kms in 55 minutes or whatever you fancy. So I started with the C25k programme but I do it using the podrunner app which I like because it changes the tempo of your music to walk or run as required and as long as your feet are kind of pounding the pavement to the beat you know you’re on track.

Of course I live in a house the size of a small caravan so my treadmill won’t fit in the house which is why it sits in the garden shed, mind you it only just fits in there as well and I can tell you now that if you know there’s a 42 degree day coming up you have to make sure you’re up before the sun or it’s like running in a sauna.

So I’m up to week 8 now and I can see the slow and steady improvements coming along – I’ll do  the gate to 8 programme when I finish then whatever it is to 10 and then get back to working on my 10km time. Back feels ok – no worse anyway.

Hope everyone in NSW stays safe today – hearing some incredible survival stories from Tasmania after the fires there over the past couple of days and hopefully everything will go well here in NSW today where they have the bushfire risk at catastrophic.

Look after your old people and your pets. Chicken Little demonstrates how to ride out a heat wave – on Daz’s pillow with the air conditioner on.



11 thoughts on “Running to the corner

  1. Just had an exchange with the princess about the importance of checking her radiator water before driving out to boyfriend’s this ‘arvo. Heatwave plus peak hour traffic (and no a/c in her car) – sounds like a horrible trip to me.
    I see it’s already 40 C in Sydney – not nice – especially as most of the people I know there do not have air conditioning!

    • Glad I’m not in Singo today – always bloody hot there. Not so bad here – still 40 though and very windy. Pity the poor firefighters. Jessie’s car stopped in the McDonalds today – she said the guage was right up near the H. Who knows if she checks her radiator or not.

  2. I don’t run on account of my hips and knees, and I feel bad about that. The doctor suggested I take up swimming, which probably would be preferable in the summer months: but I hate chlorinated water and indoor swimming pools, and I will not swim in our local river, which is notorious for its icy waters and strong current. Bicycling—well, I need to move to a better neighborhood for that. One where the drivers aren’t all trying to run you down.

    Be careful yourself, in the brutal heat. You know the drill—drink lots of water, wear sunscreen and preferably a broad-brimmed hat to keep the rays off, and don’t exert yourself after the noon hour. Chicken Little is a smart dog.

    • I love non exerting myself so I’ll only be making it as far as the clothesline today.

      I can’t swim so that rules that out and every time I see a middle aged woman on a bike I remember why I don’t like doing it lol but I’ve always loved running and I figured a big part of living has to be doing things you love.

  3. I used to run and have been wanting to get back into it. I bought new shoes…

    I think a woman running with greasy hair and sweat wetting her shirt on her chest and back is sexy. The sexy adverts are more funny than sexy

  4. I surely don’t look like those magazine ladies when I run. LOL. Isn’t running just the best?! I just started a couple of years ago and now can’t imagine life without it.

    • I usually look like I’m about to have a heart attack or a stroke but mind you we are in the middle of a heatwave here. I’ve always loved running – when I was a kid/teenager I was pretty good at it, I was a barefoot runner back then – of course its all the rage now. I think I like it because it’s an individual thing, you can just do your own thing, set your own goals, no team pressure.

    • Thanks – getting back on track slowly. TAFE really threw a spaner in the works – sitting on my arse for six hours a day and knowing the exact time the sushi delivery truck arrived at the canteen didn’t help the running plan.

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