The Birds – Nobbys Beach

Don’t go to Nobbys if you don’t like seagulls. Trouble is that the kiosk there sells good hot chips but trying to eat them on the beach without getting harassed by birds is impossible. They always make me laugh though – they’re such savage little beasts.

Nobbys Beach seagulls

8 thoughts on “The Birds – Nobbys Beach

  1. I love seagulls – the beach’s Diplomats of Silly. They will argue over anything that looks edible, and if the argument lasts for any length of time, the victor will have completely forgotten what he won! But all is forgiven when they take to the air – their grace is undeniable.

    • They remind me a bit of Chicken Little – she has that same survivor mentality. Whenever I watch them I think that is how she would have been when she lived at the shelter or on the streets and had to scrap about for her food.

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