Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens – London.

Are we thinking 1964 or 1957?




21 thoughts on “Kew Gardens

    • I know – and he’s right in the middle as well so he can’t be cut out easily. Maybe he just bobbed over as papa took the shot. I thought the guys looked 57, the girls are harder to pick.

      • Well, with those old cameras you never knew what you took a picture of until you got it developed, sometimes weeks after the fact. More than likely the guy just bent down all of the sudden.

        I know nothing about fashion, so I can’t help you there. My mother had a pair of ‘cat-eye’ sunglasses like the woman on the far left is wearing when I was a child, so that would be closer to 1964. But that style was probably around for a long time.

    • No because all Papa’s kodak slides that we found were in colour – from the fifties on. He went overseas in 1957 and 1964 but Mum can’t remember when he went where (only that he was in Russia in 1957 when my sister was born) and he didn’t write dates or descriptions on much.

  1. The kid’s pink dress looks 64 to me.
    As do the shapes of the grown women’s dresses.
    57 I think would be more generally shirt-waist stuff rather than long straight.
    And the bright orange dress also looks more 64.

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