My sisters scanning project will hopefully turn up all sorts of family treasures. This one was in my inbox this morning with the heading – You look so young! Gimme a break – it was almost thirty years ago.

I was 19 here with my boyfriend of the time – he was a lovely guy. We almost had matching haircuts. Hard to believe looking at this that by 1988 I’d be with a different guy and we’d have a child – I was a baby myself!


11 thoughts on “1983

  1. And you at 19 would be very angry at being called “a baby,” lol. Most 19-year-olds think they know it all, even when it’s obvious they’re running blind into the dark. I wish I could haul my 19-year-old self around and say, “Look, they’re not worth it, boys! Focus on school and getting a decent career, because none of your boyfriends will around for more than a couple of years.”

    Of course, I never would have listened….

    • Thats what I thought! Definitely didn’t need to be reminded of those thirty flying years first thing in the morning before I’d even had a cup of coffee.

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