This week in the library lounge

I read three book this week.

First one was The Secret Keeper – and it was long and it was big and it was loooong. I didn’t read the Kindle edition but this was the picture that was on the book here and I like it better than the cover you guys got although I didn’t imagine either of the main characters looking like that woman at all now I think about it.

I read a lot of different book genres but my favourite either involve a messed up dystopian society or a messed up psychotic serial killer and this book had neither however I did enjoy the story. It was just too loooong – I skimmed a lot of it but it was a good story.

The Secret Keeper

Second one was The Diviners and well I’d be very surprised if this is going to be the next big thing like the librarian suggested. Once again it was long and big and long and there were a couple of times when I thought about giving it away but I saw it through. It’s a YA which is my favourite genre but it just wasn’t scary enough for me, it was supernatural not dystopian and I found the antagonist to be annoying most of the time. This is the first of a series and it felt to me as if they spent too much time setting up what’s coming up in the next books. Not sure if I’ll be bothered reading them. Although having said that the librarian did say that the movie rights have already been bought and I can see it being a good movie in the right hands.


Third one was The Sandcastle Girls and I really really liked this one. I would have given it the full four or five stars or whatever it is on Goodreads except that comes with the little added blurb of – I thought it was amazing – so I never give anything the full five stars even if I think it deserves it because I think I sound like a wanker saying it was amazing – they really need to change that to something not so gushing. (Spellcheck doesn’t like wanker lol, we must only have them in colonies).

Anyway this book I recommend highly and it made me keen to go out and do more research on the subject it involved which was the genocide of the Armenians in 1915 – something I knew nothing about but now want to. I like a book that makes you think like that, stays with you after you’ve finished and makes you want to learn more.

The Sandcastle Girls

So a mixed week with nothing being a terrible disappointment but only one being ‘amazing’.


11 thoughts on “This week in the library lounge

  1. I used to always read before bed, (now I play phone games) But I’d sometimes get stuck. I’d open to my bookmark, start at the upper left corner, and I’d fall asleep before I made it to the lower right corner. Then the next night I’d open to the bookmark, start at the upper left corner, think “I’ve read this before” and never make it to the end of the page.
    Finally after a few nights (months) I’d just start at the next page.

  2. Three books in a week. I’ve been reading the same book for a couple of months. Volume 2 of a 2 volume set on Harry Truman’s Presidency … You want to talk about long and boring! But it serves the purpose of putting me to sleep at night.

    We have no wankers in America … (funny, spellcheck didn’t underline wankers in red, but it does tell me spellcheck is not a word) … or, at least, we don’t call them that, lol.

    • Lol – don’t think I’ll be adding that one to my list. All my tv shows are on Christmas break so I can read more at the moment.

      No wankers in America – I bet – it’s such a great little insult, you should introduce it to your workplace.

      • Read my latest post for a mea culpa … there IS at least ONE wanker in America, and I work for him.

        I’ve had these books for over 20 years and am just now reading them so I can then get rid of them. They were a gift, so I felt bad about not reading them … except that now I cannot at all remember who gave them to me!

  3. First, thank you for “friending” me (or whatever they call it) on Goodreads. I have more friends there than on Twitter or any other social site. It’s interesting to note how diverse everyone’s reading tastes are. Some read nothing but “chick lit” and romances, others read mostly science fiction, fantasy, and horror, still others read just mysteries. I’m probably the only bore who reads history and literary criticism, but “someone has to do it,” as my old American Literature professor used to say.

    I’ll keep an eye out for “The Sandcastle Girls”—our local library has only two copies, and there are 29 requests for them, which puts me at number 30, I guess. Sometimes I get the books a lot quicker than I think they’ll be returned, and I have to drop whatever I’m reading and read the reserved book, as I can only borrow it for three weeks. It can be very disruptive, especially if I’m reading a hard-to-put-down mystery. Add to that my only having a few hours at night to read, and it can take a long time to get through any book.

    • I was number 32 in line for Call the Midwife – I think I’m number 2 now, thats the longest I’ve had to wait and it would be because it was on TV earlier in the year. I didn’t watch it but I thought I’d read it. It’s a risky business putting things on reserve because they often seem to come in a clump – I get nothing for weeks and then four or five at once. I like history, I love learning about things that have happened. I always enjoy books about wars especially from German or Russian viewpoints. At school we only really heard about the ANZACS and Gallipoli but they had terrible times in Germany and Russia. Thats why I enjoyed the Sandcastle Girls – learnt something new about something terrible that happened even if it was delivered in a genteel kind of way.

    • Definitely has the potential for a good movie but it was a very slow read. I think there were too many characters with a story or an issue that we jumped around between and didn’t really set a scary enough atmosphere for the main storyline.

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