Foiled Again

Once again Chicken Little discards the medication.

Even leg ham and chicken breast fillet won’t fool her.



12 thoughts on “Foiled Again

  1. You have to hold the dogs head with the nose pointed up, open her/his mouth and drop the pill waaaay back there over the tongue. Then hold his/her mouth shut and stroke their neck till they swallow. It’s easy!

    • No it doesn’t look like it. We had a cat who was terribly tricky with tablets. He’d let you think he’d had it but then walk away and spit it out somewhere.

      • What a sneaky kitty! You can get them on, and I think they ship to Australia. GG was awful for the first few days of his doxycycline treatment (we recently found out he has Lyme) but we got the pill pockets, and they worked wonders.

        • Will have to look into them or something like it. It makes me laugh though that this is a dog who loves eating flies and cockroaches – I mean how bad can a tablet be!

          • Ugh yes, and don’t forget poop! At least, my dog is a poop connoisseur. That’s why we have to stay on top of the kitties’ litter box, because he thinks it’s a buffet just for him.

  2. I’ve yet to meet one dog or cat that didn’t spit out its meds after you’ve thought it’s swallowed them. My vet gave me some plastic device that you could use to poke the pill down a cat’s gullet, but Eliza would promptly vomit everything up along with the pill. Then she would walk away with this expression of “There! That’s what you get for trying to make me swallow something I hate!”

    • Lol – oh god, she’d attack us if we went at her with something like that – we have to have her sedated when her nails need clipping because she attacks the vet when he tries. I can usually get them past her if I put them in a prawn but it seems a bit extravagent to be giving the dog prawns every day.

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