Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Welcome to my parlour said the elephant to the Barbie with very large eyes.

Sometimes I take photos without my glasses on so it’s a surprise to see what they’re of once I get them onto the computer and view them through the lens of my (increasingly expensive) specs. So I had to laugh when I saw that my elephant statue had photo bombed Barbies photo shoot of her good self with her very cool hairdressing salon chairs.

photobombed Barbie


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

    • Mr elephant is lucky he didn’t get the full chop! He was in the give away or pack away section but received a reprieve when I wondered if my daughter gave him to me. She remembers every thing she ever gave anyone and would be sure to ask – where is that elephant I gave you twenty years ago if he wasn’t sitting on a shelf.

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    • I think that is on his ear – he’s like one of those butterflies that have eyes on their wings to scare predators away. Although when I was looking I think I see someone watching them on a tv screen!!

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