11 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: delicate

    • Ha – I can’t be wasteful I only use two. I have acoffee cup that I have my one cup of coffee a day in and a wine glass that I use to drink water through the day then switch to wine once the sun goes down.

    • This was one of six and they’ve lasted me for years – just cheapo’s, I don’t bother with expensive ones. I’ve only got one left now and I’ll have to be careful with it because they’re just the right size.

        • Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about those. I like the look of them but then your drink gets hot from holding it. Mum bought me one of those glasses that has the glass within a glass so it stays cold – or hot which I like but I only use it for coffee.

      • and my aunt once got me 2 gorgeous art deco wine glasses. she broke one on the way to give them to me. so I got 1 and the receipt, so I could go buy another (but I never did – I really like solos)

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