Hong Kong Disneyland

If you happen to be going to Disneyland and someone says to you that if you only go on one ride at Disneyland that it should be Space Mountain – don’t believe them. I don’t have any photos of the Space Mountain rollercoaster ride I went on because you’re in pitch black darkness the entire time feeling certain that health and safety regulations must surely have been disregarded. I first became suspicious when I arrived at the sign that told me it was my LAST CHANCE TO LEAVE THE LINE NOW but there were young children in line so I thought,  how bad can it be?? What they should be doing is showing you those same children when they’re leaving the ride because I can assure you most of them were crying and screaming and traumitised for life. I had to laugh at the sign saying to keep all your body parts within the cart because it was physically impossible to do that with the g forces I was experiencing wrenching my body all over the place. Definitely needed a massage after that one.

Now the carousel, that’s more to my liking.



I must stress the importance of breakfast before beginning your day at  Disneyland. What is required is a large plate full of empty carbs covered in sugar syrup.


It was incredibly hot the day we were there. It had been hot and humid all week while we were in Hong Kong but this day the sun actually broke through and we were sweating it out. I had long pants on and they were stuck to my legs all day. I’d only been there for about twenty minutes before I went and bought a hat. It was hard to believe that it was autumn there and local people were dressed appropriately – we saw one woman wearing stockings, knee high boots, a jumper and a beanie! They had this water spray system set up though and we were glad to walk through it as often as we could.


We even went on a boat ride over to Tarzans Island just to be near water although this little guy really freaked me out. He was mechanical but he was sort or real looking, but wrinkly and old. he used to lift his trunk and snort water through it.


And Tarzan himself really freaked me out later because I’d forgotten all about him and was lying in bed flicking through the photos on my phone and saw this and went WTF! who is that freak??


Hong Kong Disneyland is only (apparently) a small Disneyland but it was big enough for me, I can tick it off my list and be satisfied. The crowds weren’t huge and the lines weren’t too long.  Although it was funny – people are so polite over there, they’re even polite when they push in line in front of you. They walk up and say – excuse me please, so you let them past and then they stand in line in front of you. Lol. The girl we were with was tiny in stature but she said by the end of the day she had become enormous – she’d stand in line with her elbows out and her legs spread so no one would get past her.

It was nice though because it was all set up for christmas and they had a christmas parade late in the afternoon – and it snowed!! Yay, it snowed weird white foam stuff that stuck all over me because I was so sweaty. Everyone looked so sweet and the costumes and floats were gorgeous and now I can say that I’ve been to Hong Kong, China and Disneyland all within 7 days.



22 thoughts on “Hong Kong Disneyland

  1. We went to the California Disneyland when the kids were far too young to enjoy it. My parents however insisted we HAD to go because they were going to take us. They made it sound like a dentist’s appointment. And in a way it was, for the kids. The only ride they enjoyed was “It’s a Small World,” which we went through four times before my husband screamed, “Enough!” Space Mountain, the Haunted House, the Mad Hatter Tea Party (the one with the spinning cups)—forget those. We did persuade the kids to go through the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, but they were crying hysterically by the time we got out. So far none of them have confronted me with a bill for their therapy visits, so I assume the trip didn’t scar their psyches forever.

    The carousel was my favorite ride, and still is.

      • Interesting question. I’ve haven’t been since the “snow” was added. I have a coworker who’s wife works there. I’ll ask him about the snow cleanup. It probably just dissolves. OH… general fyi: Disneyland is COMPLETELY hosed down every single night. Also, there’s a complete “city” under the park – all the mechanical parts and pathways for employees and cast characters to travel without being seen by guests. And main street is built at a sloping scale so that when you’re at the start, it seems to go on forever – and when you’re leaving, it looks short. And they pipe candy smell onto Main St so you’ll buy some.

        • It sure didn’t dissolve on me – I couldn’t wait to get back to the motel that day and get in the pool. It felt sort of solid, it was weird – I didn’t like the thought of it being in my lungs!

  2. I grew up in Anaheim (the first Disneyland). It’s interesting to see all the familiar sights, just a little bit different. The Xmas decor is the stuff of legends. Now they also do Halloween decor here – but I’ve never been for that.

    Was the food massively overpriced? That’s one of the big comments here. That, and the fact that people look for items Made In The USA as souvenirs, but everything says “Made In China”

    • I think the best meal I had on holidays was at Disneyland, I don’t think it was too bad price wise. Oh and Daz had a really really good peach frappe. I tend not to price check when I’m on holidays, I figure if I’m on holidays then that’s just part of the deal. I bought three tshirts for adult girls and they were about $20 each.

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