Big Buddha – Ngong Ping Hong Kong

Twas a dark and stormy morn when we set off in the cable cars to see Tian Tan, the biggest buddha in the world.

Basically you jump into one of these


Then head on up the mountain. I’m sure on a clear day the view is spectacular but I kind of liked the whole doom and gloom thing.




It cleared up a bit by the time we came down. One way up, one way down.


This is where all the retired fishermen live. I wondered how they felt about that.


Once we got to the top we went to the Po Lin Monastery and I have to say that not all the fog up there was due to cloud, there was some heavy incense burning going on outside this place.



The main attraction though is Big Buddha.



He’s surrounded by these other statues who are offering him things – lol, just things – sorry can’t remember for sure, incense no doubt and flowers.



If you want to get up close to him though make sure you have your walking shoes on because it’s a 268 step walk. One way up, one way down.



I went up there – Daz didn’t – he pulled an old squash injury to the ankle out of the hat and used it as an excuse. When I got up there it was bloody freezing, It was hard to believe how hot we’d been the day before. When I got back down I went to the closest shop and bought a beanie as my ears were aching from the cold.

Big Buddha looks like he approves.



11 thoughts on “Big Buddha – Ngong Ping Hong Kong

  1. I like the cable car pics, with the raindrops and fog. THAT’s the biggest Buddah in the world? Doesn’t look too big. Well, I guess he looks pretty big in the next to the next to the last picture!

    • Lol, my husband thinks the buddha in Thailand was bigger but our guide said this one was The biggest. We were also told that the worlds highest bungee jump was in Macau but my son told me he did the highest one in South Africa – so everyone thinks they have the biggest!

    • He’s pretty cool sitting up there – Im sure a lot of the moodiness right in front of me there would have been incense smoke – they’re pretty heavy handed with it. I thought my husband might have an asthma attack.

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