Can you hear that noise?

That’s me jumping up and down because


Wow, go me (well us I suppose , but it was me mainly).

Today we paid off the balance of our home loan and it feels pretty damn good I must say. I whipped that loans arse. Over the years people have said – oh you must be rich or oh you must earn a lot of money but we don’t – I’m a secretary and Daz is an electrician, we run our own small business and we’ve worked damn hard for a lot of years. What I am is not stupid, I’ve put every spare cent we’ve had over the last few years into that loan, I drive a cheap car, we don’t smoke or go out a lot and I don’t spend my days at the shopping centre. Oh yeah and we didn’t go out and get one of those mansion packages that we were never going to be able to pay off.

Plus I’d like to point out that we didn’t receive the first home owners grant or any baby bonus and when we got out first home loan it came with an interest rate of 17% not the 5-6% that it is today.

When we moved into this house it was part of a five to seven year plan. Live here for that time, pay off the loan, save some money then decide where we want to go after that. Most of the places I’d like to go though would probably require taking out another loan – it depends what we can get for this place – but I have to say that now that I’m debt free I’m not really in a hurry to race back into it.

One thing that I will be doing is getting a new bathroom – the one I have is feral and I couldn’t put up with it for another five months let alone another five years and I have enough savings for that anyway. Oh bliss, not to have to climb into a tiny bath every morning and fight a cold damp mouldy shower curtain.

Patting myself on the back right about now.


14 thoughts on “Can you hear that noise?

    • I’m starting a list of all the places I want to travel to. Then I’ll just bank each week what would have gone to the loan and have some fun instead.

    • Such a relief. I said to the kids that if they wanted a good christmas present this year was the year to ask for it. Might have a couple of months of spending then knuckle back down to some serious saving.

    • And believe me you can buy some mansions here in new developments – I hear a bank ad on telly promoting The Mansion Package. I think they loan you extra money to be able to have enough furniture to put in there. I always look at those places and imagine all the cleaning required.

      • And the walking from room to room, up and down stairs, whenever you needed something or forgot it. No popping out to the kitchen during commercials or after you’ve gone to bed; no, you need a Sherpa. They don’t loan you extra money to have maids and butlers, though.

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