The old and the new

Urbanisation in Hong Kong has occurred at a rapid rate but you find these little pockets of life that really show how the old is still surviving amongst the new. You wonder though how long the old ways can hold out, one day we drove past a bunch of high rise buildings and our guide told us that the people living in them were retired fishermen and I wondered how they felt about living in those apartments after spending their lives living on boats like this.

You can see this old world going on right below the huge buildings.



But just along the dock you can see the new ways coming in with these boats that I’m guessing cost quite a bit more than the fishing boats.


But for the moment these fisherman just seem to be happy to chill out and do their thing. Lots of little houseboats with flowers and lanterns on the porch and cats and dogs taking in the sun.





4 thoughts on “The old and the new

  1. Wonderful photos, Jane! Love all the bright reds, blues and greens.

    I went to Hong Kong for work many years ago. On the weekend I went down to Victoria Harbor and walked through the Culture Centre. Really enjoyed my time there. I should go back for a visit (without the work)!

    • Definitely, such an interesting place – you could get lost and roam about for months over there. And for such a large population in a small space it always felt very safe.

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