Kowloon foreshore

We were staying in Kowloon and we were just a short walk from the foreshore. There were always people out walking.

Or sitting and watching the world go by.

Or looking at the Bruce Lee statue on the Avenue of Stars

Or maybe even being surveyed by school children. We were surveyed by about one thousand of them. They were out on a school excursion in pairs with a sheet full of questions on the lookout for tourists and as we were the only obvious tourists that morning they all made a beeline for us. Their teacher will think that every visitor to Hong Kong loves either Disneyland or Repulse Bay and is there to eat.

Hong Kong is very clean, no rubbish on the streets and lots of cleaners and gardeners around working hard. Well, except the one we saw having a nap on a bench.

And although a lot of people in Hong Kong seem to smoke in lots of places they have to sit in this special spot if they want to smoke on the foreshore. You never see butts on the streets either.

There is a lot of smog there but a lot of fog as well while we were there and it doesn’t feel dirty at all.

At night time you can walk around and feel completely safe.

Or stop at one of the restaurants or bars along the water and have a drink.

Or you can go on a harbour cruise. Obviously I wasn’t on this nice boat, I was on an old wooden junk that you had to leap on and off as it bobbed about because our tour guide thought we needed to have an authentic experience. It is lovely out on the harbour though and every night they have a laser light show and I’m still not sure how one of the many planes flying overhead wasn’t brought down by it.


3 thoughts on “Kowloon foreshore

  1. Weren’t you nice to stop and answer questions from school kids on a field trip! A lot of people would grumpily brush them off. When my younger daughter lived in Japan, she got fed up with being the representative foreigner who had to answer all the questions locals had about America or Europe in general. “Do all Americans carry guns?” “Is it true you all live in huge houses because you’re big people?” (My daughter is just 5’5″ and very petite in figure.) “Is that the real color of your hair?” (My daughter’s hair has a reddish cast like her father’s, which also happens to be a very trendy hair color in Japan.) She said after so many years of this, she almost flipped and wanted to throttle her inquisitors, children or no. And yes, many of them were old enough to know better.

    The harbor looks beautiful at night. But I don’t think I’d want to tour it on a wooden junk.

    • Aww, they were so sweet and polite we couldn’t refuse, anyway they had a radar set on us and we couldn’t have avoided them if we tried. Other than them though, no one was very inetrested in us at all. Sometimes I thought I must have been wearing an invisible cloak.

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